3 Gates – The Dampening of the Human Design

Human Design

3 Gates – The Dampening of the Human Design

By Aaron Steiner

When the Anunaki had first created the Humans, it was out of a necessity that arose when the Sleestakish workforce that they had originally created when they had added their own DNA to one the most evolved mammals on the planet at the time, the Australopithecus. They were known as the Lulu, and the problem was that these newly developed beings were dying off much earlier than had been expected. As with all of their biogenetic experimentation, none of the strange creatures that they had created had been capable of reproducing on their own.


Surrogate conception within volunteers transported from their home world had always been tedious and inconvenient, and an immediate was solution was needed to this very important problem. The new, and highly alternative Human design was effectively achieved when the science team was able to add a highly advanced Lyrian DNA to their Lulu creature’s blueprint. As a result, the new Lyrian DNA created a very highly advanced, dominantly mammalian creature that was not only capable of effectively reproducing on its own, but it also exhibited some more curious and rather unexpected abilities as well.

the new human

The Anunaki, being a very advanced reptilian race, had mastered the art of manipulating matter and form with sound to the point where they could alter matter at will through a unique process of shape-shifting. And… as it turns out, the new humans that they had created also appeared to possess this unique, and powerful ability as well. But, not only did they possess the power to manipulate matter at will, they also had the ability to manipulate something the Anunaki, with their reptilian minds, may not have been able to achieve on their own.

"Upon closer examination, the human brain is much too advanced for our purposes."

“Upon closer examination, the human brain is much too advanced for our purposes.”

The mammalian mind, with its extra fleshy mass, seems to encompass a range of emotions that the reptilian mind does not. And it’s that extra range of consciousness that most likely gave these new humans intrinsic traits that the Anunaki would find “unfavourable”. They had discovered that the new human’s advanced design not only encompassed the ability to alter matter at will, but they also had the ability to alter the very fabric of time space as well.

to powreful

The scientist who had come up with the human formula was Lady Ninmah. She had truly been the brains behind the scientific team that had been designated to produce an alternative work force due to the problems their Anunaki labour force had been encountering. Lord Enki, her older brother was merely designated as the head of the team, and when he found out what the new humans were capable of, he told his younger sister that they would never be approved by the High Council and they would want them destroyed immediately.

optimum design

Ninmah explained to him that the new design was optimally flawless in its physique and design and that all she would need to do is impose limitations on the central meridian of the human bio-energy field. She also explained to her brother where the three main gates would be located, and it is quite apparent that they were implemented with a certain amount of success. The Chinese Taoist Masters teach their students about how the “gods” had placed these three gates on the human energy field and that they are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, and at the base of the spine.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

 With these gates imposed, the human creature that they had developed was now running at a much lower bio-electric output, effectively dumbing them down to the point where they were smart enough to run the machines, but not smart enough for cognitive thinking…  and now, they would no longer threatened to either outshine or rebel against their creators.

Edin and Spaceport

So, the very first humans that the Anunaki had created, Adamu and Lilitu, were immediately trained in the art of providing the food for the dining tables of the Anunaki Royal palaces. They were given the job of taking care of the livestock and all of the plants that were contained within the enormous enclosed habitat of the spaceport of Eden. I do find it rather ironic that when it came to the psychotropic plants that they had brought to Earth from off-world sources to alleviate the hardships and tediousness of their workers time on Earth, that they simply told Adamu and Lilitu not to eat any it. That’s obviously not much of a deterrent because when Lilitu was taking care of these plants, she did end up eating them, and they effectively undid a lot of blocking elements that had been imposed along her central energy channel.


When she had opened up her mind through the assistance of the psychotropic plants, she would never be the same. She would in turn unlock her magical prowess, and the jealousy this would cause was the beginning of much of the discourse she encountered with her prescribed mate as well as Lord Enki when he removed her from the human experiment to be his personal consort. And things did not work out between either them… to the point where she was removed. As far as the human experiment goes, Lilitu was replaced by a clone of her male counterpart, because the Anunaki felt that the male human design was more apt to stick to the task at hand, follow directions and not ask questions.

adam and eve

It is when Lilith introduces the new female to the means of unblocking the gates the Anunaki had implemented, through psychotropic plants that people had gotten into a lot of trouble. This action seems to have contributed to a lot of very devastating drama that had scarred our consciousness in the very beginning of humanity’s existence.


Preventing humanity from accessing the means of unblocking the three main gates that the Anunaki had placed on us in the very beginning, has been on the forefront of a “Higher-Up” agenda to ensure that the bulk of the human race remains subservient as an effective workforce. It is one of the main reasons psychotropic plants have been made illegal and not available to the general public. This is most likely because it would awaken humanity’s consciousness to the point where exploitation as a profitable workforce would no longer be as easily achieved by the elite few who benefit from it.

money slave

This is only one example of the type of agenda components we have to deal with as a species that keep the bulk of humanity ignorant to their true potential. We have chemtrails and chemicals in foods and beverages that makes you stupid, such as aspartame as an artificial sweetener, as well as chemicals like fluoride in toothpaste, even though it says right on the package that it can kill an infant if swallowed.


The only way to unblock the blocking agents that have been imposed on us on such a grand scale is to be aware of the fact that we are capable of so much more, and to not be lulled into a mild complacency. Explore your potential, be aware of the gates… and spread your proverbial wings, and fly!

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