The “Great Dampening” of the Human Design


The “Great Dampening” of the Human Design – by Aaron Steiner

You may have heard that we Humans use only 2% to 12% of our brains output. Well… how can this be..?!  you may ask. It seems like a pretty strange concept when, while looking out of our brains, it certainly feels like we are 100% aware and using all of our brains ability, at all times.

But alas, we are not utilizing a very large portion of our physical brains potential… and there is a reason why. It’s because our advanced organic design was only initially created for physical labor, and that the higher functions that accompany such advanced organism such as ourselves were effectively “dampened” by the Genetic Engineers who created us – the Anunaki royal scientist team, consisting of Lord Enki, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzida.

The team had already spent extensive efforts creating a primitive worker to replace their own mining force here on Earth some 25,000 years ago. But, this half mammal, half reptilian “Lulu” worker turned out to be ineffective in that it’s life expectancy ran shorter than expected and it was incapable of reproduction.

It was the advanced DNA from an ancient species known as the Lyrians, discovered within the excavated ancient pyramids on Mars that had been the team’s saving grace. When combined with the DNA of their Lulu worker, the team had created the very first male and female “Humans”. But when they tested their brains output levels, they were off the charts. With this very old Lyrian DNA, they had created a highly advanced physical being, with highly advanced psychokinetic abilities as well.

The Anunaki scientist knew that a being of this nature would ultimately become powerful… and very dangerous. The beings would have to be destroyed, or, as not to waste a wonderful opportunity… simply altered.

The Buddhist monks of the Himalaya Mountains teach their disciples of how “the Gods” placed three gates upon our central meridian/energy channel. And that is precisely what Lord Enki’s team did. The gates are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades and at the base of the spine.

Monks are taught to meditate on the gated in order to open them. In doing so, they experience more powerful visions and are able to display act of an almost supernatural nature. Anyone who is aware of these gates can work on opening them as well. But, as with all things… knowing about them is only half the battle.

The discipline required to focus on these energy centers is usually more than most people can endure when immersed in environments rife with distraction and the wide variety of dampening agents that have been ingrained into many of our societies. Find a moment each day to focus on these blocked energy centers, and you will be that much closer to higher brain function.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

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