Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link


Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link

by Aaron Steiner

I’d have to say, that writing the story of Mankind’s origins was a lot like putting together a giant jig-saw puzzle. It was definitely a challenge, but when I started the ball rolling… it was amazing to me how many of the pieces I already had, along with all the newly discovered pieces, all fell into place with flawless precision and comprehensive account. During my research, the resources that seemed to contain the most relevant information were the cuneiform clay tablets from ancient Sumeria and any and all of the ancient Lilith cult documentation.

From a literal understanding of the Garden of Eden and Adam’s rib to an accurate symbolic reference for the apple of knowledge… all these being common elements from the Bible, they surprisingly had an integral role to play in understanding the account of our true historical story line. The components from the Bible were just the beginning as far as putting all the details into their proper reference. There were many correlations that covered a vast range of familiar issues once most of the elemental pieces were established.

It was after I stumbled upon a tale of extreme celestial depth by a fellow named Stewart Swerdlow involving an Alien history lesson… that all the pieces of the puzzle really came together for me. By the time I had most of it put together, the idea that the Anunaki had combined DNA from the star system of Lyra to their primitive reptoid worker creation, to ultimately create the original Human design had been quite established.

But where did the Anunaki get this mysterious Lyrian DNA? Space traders… they just happened to have some… what? From what I’ve heard, the original Lyrian race had been wiped out by one of their neighboring species (known as the Draco) a long, long time ago. This was to be the beginning of the astounding tale of the Earth’s original history that Stewart was laying down during his interview on the talk radio show “Coast to Coast”.

Stewart Swerdlow had worked for the secret Psy-opps department of the Government at a special base called Montauk in New York State. There he was sensory deprived and learned the unique art of “remote viewing”. He starts out by explaining how, eons and eons ago… the Earth was the second planet from the Sun and Mars was the Third. Back then, the earth was covered in water and even the atmosphere was vey liquidy. There was also an enormous fourth planet named Maldek… that is now nothing but a giant asteroid field.

He then takes us to the Lyrian star system and explains that it is where “humanity” began. He then tells of a reptilian empire known as the Draco. The mindset of these being was that they felt an obligation to destroy or assimilate all other life forms that they felt were inferior. It is their androgyny and the fact that their reptilian DNA does not change over eons of time, that they feel justifies these claims. These beings attacked the Lyrians and dispersed the survivors, who fanned out into the known galaxy to colonize suitable solar systems… this one included.

When they came here, Mars and Maldek had atmospheres and oceans and they established colonies there. The reptilian Draco followed the surviving Lyrians across the various colonies and attacked them. Using hollowed out asteroids as vehicles… and weapons, the Draco sent an ice-comet into our solar system to attack and destroy the colonies. As the ice-comet entered our system, it caused Uranus to flip on its axis. It then continued toward Maldek and created so much pressure and gravitational pull from the gas planet of Jupiter… that it caused the planet Maldek to explode.

As the ice-comet approached Mars, it pulled much of the atmosphere off of it, and much of its oceans water as well. When the comet got to the Earth, it went into an orbit with it… creating polarity within the planet’s vast ocean waters. The spinning of the Earth then started forming ice-caps. In time, the Earth switched places with the ice-comet so that the ice-comet was now the second object in orbit of our Sun, pushing the Earth out to the third position.

So, what we now know as Venus… used to be an ice-comet weapon from long ago. The ice on the comet melted quite rapidly when it got close to the Sun and created a steam and vapor cloud that still envelopes the planet today. Now that the Earth was pushed out into the third position from the Sun, it became very inhabitable as land masses became to appear.

When the Draco became aware of the inadvertent results of their attack, they drove another vehicle, the hollowed out land mass we know as the Moon, into the Earth’s orbit into the exact spot needed to create tides and seasons so that they could eventually come back and colonize it. This is why only one side of the Moon faces the Earth at all times… it doesn’t spin like other natural objects, making it a lot like an abandoned vehicle that someone left on the side of the road.

The Draco seeded the Earth with a variety of plants, animals, insects and bacteria, and the reptilian descendants of the Draco established enormous colonies known Mu and Lumeria, with large cities and high technology… where they were basically preparing the planet for assimilation into the Draco Empire.  But eventually they had to battle with the survivors of the Lyrians from Mars, who had gone underground and then traveled to the Earth once it was inhabitable, establishing the mammalian colony known as Atlantis. There was a big war that ensued between the two factions, and eventually they pretty much wiped each other out.

By the time the Riziqians (Anunaki) had gotten here, the Earth was theirs for the taking. They were quick to established spaceports for their interstellar aircraft and developed an enormous gold mining operation to save their home world’s failing atmosphere. The undertaking of mining Earth gold had become so extensive and tedious that the Anunaki eventually decided to create a worker who would do the work for them.

After much testing, the Anunaki scientists finally created a worker who still had a reptilian appearance, but was warm blooded like a mammal. Unfortunately these being’s life span ran short, and they were thoroughly incapable of reproduction. This is where the Anunaki added the Lyrian DNA to their workers equation, creating the mammalian hominid – the Human.

I was originally wondering where this Lyrian DNA could have been possibly been obtained. Then it dawned on me… ancient pyramids on Mars! It just so happened that my book’s preface started out with the Riziqian crew refueling their ship from a lake right next to a group of ancient pyramids. I had never considered the Lyrian connection to these pyramids until I heard Stewart’s story… and it felt so good to connect the dots and have so many of these important pieces fall into place.

So, when I added the archeological survey team and the artifacts they had discovered within the ancient pyramids on Mars to the story line… I was very pleased to have the foundation of a highly complex chain of events dialed in. This is what I truly needed to establish to attain the comprehensive continuity I’ve adhered to within the rest of the book. And when it comes down to it… a common knowledge, comprehensive account of our Human origins is something the whole world truly needs. Without this… we are simply lost.

Thank goodness for the internet..! LOL. May the pieces continue to fall into place. A