Characters of Myth


Enki inspects the new Humans

Characters of Myth:

Anu – King of Rizq.. a planet in the cradle orbit of Sirius B.

Ea/Enki – firstborn son of King Anu from a concubine.

Enlil – second born son of King Anu from a royal mother.

Alalu – the exiled Rizqian King.

Ninmah – daughter of King Anu, born to a concubine.

Anzu – close bloodline relative to the king and a skilled pilot.

Lucifer – Captain of the Guard and a close bloodline relative to the king.

Marduk – son of Enki and his official spouse Damkina – Alalu’s daughter.

Ningishzida – son of Enki and  young commander Erishkigal – grand daughter of Lord Enlil.

Ninutra – son of Enlil and Ninmah. A highly skilled commander and engineer.

Ennugi – head of Earth gold mining. He is stout, gruff, but very committed to his job and the safety of his teams.

Astarte – a Rizqian elite. He and his court all came to Earth later in the campaign to pursue more leisure based activities.

Lulu – a half reptilian, half mammalian workforce genetically designed to replace the Anunaki gold miners in the Abzu/South Africa.

Adamu – a highly advanced, dark brown skinned male mammal, designed to replace the Lulu.

Lilitu/Lilith – female counterpart to Adamu, designed to birth a race of workers. But she was removed from the human experiment early on to become Lilith, consort to Lord Enki.

Eve – cloned from stem cells within Adamu’s small rib’s bone marrow, to replace Lilitu.

Cain – first born son to Eve, fathered by Lord Enki.


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