Why the Human Design Was Dampened

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Why the Human Design Was Dampened

by Aaron Steiner

Have you ever heard that we, as humans, only use 2 to 12% of our brains? Well.. the theory has a lot of significant and historical reference in terms of how the human design came about. It stands to reason that we as humans have a lot of significant and untapped potential lying dormant, deep within our true genetic design. This concept was captured most eloquently in the movie “Lucy” from 2014, where… through a highly experimental natal drug, a woman gains access to the dormant portions of her brain, and as a result, she gains an incredible heightened sense of awareness and a powerful psychosomatic control of her surroundings and the people in it.

When the Anunaki medical team in charge of creating a replacement workforce had run into problems with the original Lulu creature they had come up with by combining Australopithecus DNA with their own.. it was decided that the whole being needed to be redesigned. The Lulu had been huge a success in that it had a reptilian appearance (looking very much like a “Sleestak” from the TV show “The Land of the Lost”), yet it had the warm blooded internal regulation of a mammal.. a trait most favorable deep within the gold mines of the Abzu (in South Africa). The big problem was that their life expectancy was running much shorter than had been expected, and they had to be tediously gestated by hired Anunaki surrogates. One of the biggest setbacks the Anunaki had experienced during their bizarre medical experimentation.. was that none of the creatures they had created were capable of reproducing, the Lulu included.


At one point in my life, it had become common knowledge to me, that the Anunaki had added highly advanced Lyrian DNA to their Sleestak/Lulu equation to create the original Humans. That was good to know, but it had dawned on me.. where did they get this mysterious DNA from Lyra?

Well, it just so happens that there is a big Lyrian connection to the planet Mars that involves a group of them traveling to the ancient red planet to escape the Dracco and their genocide campaign. This is information I heard about from a gentleman by the name of Stewart Swerdlow form a Goerge Nory episode of Coast to Coast. He claims he used to be a remote viewer for the government and he told a tale of how the reptilian race, the Dracco did find them and wiped them out, but I had learned of ancient pyramids on Mars through Richard C. Hoagland that I’m assuming existed long before the Anunaki had arrived to our solar system and I realized who they had probably belonged to.. the Lyrians, a race so old and evolved that if there is a Galactic Council.. it was the Lyrians who started it, all those many eons ago.

In the story line of Myth, the Anunaki had sent an excavation team into the pyramids on Mars and they returned with artifacts from within, that contained the ancient DNA from Lyra. It was these genetic codes that the head scientist, Ninmah, had added to their original Lulu to create the highly evolved being they named – Human. The human was every thing the Anunaki could have wanted in a worker being.  A warmblooded being with opposable thumbs, intellect, dexterity,.. and best of all, one that is thoroughly capable of reproduction.



The only problem.. aside from being mammalian in appearance, the team had created a creature with a psychosomatic capacity that could easily surpass their own, and this would never be allowed by the Anunaki High Council. Instead of destroying the being and starting over, Ninmah told her brother Enki that she would be able to inhibit the more active centers of the psychosomatic parts of the brain by dampening the central channel of the creatures energy field, along the human being’s central meridian.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

It was in a book that I had read while researching wisdom in Hawaii called “The Wandering Taoist” by Dang Ming-Dao that I had learned of these gates that were imposed on the original humans by “The Gods”. He explained how the monks would meditate on these gates to open them and gain a higher consciousness in the process. Imposing these “gates” on the human energy system were an effective means to create a being that was intelligent enough to utilize basic cognitive skills such as using tools and operating machinery, but not intelligent enough for higher reasoning, or access to its latent psychosomatic abilities. Basically… a very effective and utilizable slave being to run their Earth based gold mining operations.

The thing is.. the gates are still there and humanity has only scratched the surface when it comes to accessing who and what they are truly capable of being. There are many ancient and modern methods the powers that be keep people in a lowered state of being. From illegalizing mind expanding plants, and promoting the cog in the machine mentality that keeps people locked in to their 9 to 5 jobs long enough to never question the way things are run… effectively keeping them slaves in their minds and their jobs, even though they work hard and are good people. The story of the forbidden fruit of knowledge in the garden of Edin is about how psychotropic plants undo the dampening of the human energy system, and how they had become disruptive to the Anunaki’s plan for their slave race.