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The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained

The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained in Popular Modern Media By Aaron Steiner When I was establishing the story line for the book MYTH, a series of components and elements were put into place that set up the future story lines for the next series of books that I am writing… and the Epic of Gilgamesh will definitely […]

The Next Book – MYTH 2

The Next Book – MYTH 2 By Aaron Steiner I’ve often said that writing MYTH has been a lot like following a small thread through the dark and seeing where it leads you. It is truly amazing to me to have discovered so many small yet extremely important details to the story of where we […]

Why the Human Design Was Dampened

Why the Human Design Was Dampened by Aaron Steiner Have you ever heard that we, as humans, only use 2 to 12% of our brains? Well.. the theory has a lot of significant and historical reference in terms of how the human design came about. It stands to reason that we as humans have a […]

Eye Have a Dream

Eye Have a Dream – by Aaron Steiner If you had one wish… what would it be? Although this may be just a hypothetical question asked by one self to one self, it does have a certain universal appeal. It is the kind of important question you may be asked by someone like the president, or […]

Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link

Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link by Aaron Steiner I’d have to say, that writing the story of Mankind’s origins was a lot like putting together a giant jig-saw puzzle. It was definitely a challenge, but when I started the ball rolling… it was amazing to me how many of the pieces I already […]

The Lulu – A New Worker is Created

The Lulu The Lulu – A New Worker is Created “We are very close to having our Worker being,” Enki announced  to his team. “We must consider all the steps that have been taken so far,” he glanced over at his sister, “During the process, there was one thing we never changed . . . we have […]

Ebineru – The House of Life

Ebineru – The House of Life Deep within the jungles of the Abzu, Enki had created a highly advanced botanical and science laboratory for himself that he named Ebineru—the House of Life. Located over a mighty river, one of the most prominent features of this large glass and stainless steel research center was the tube-like glass tunnels underneath […]

Anunaki Symbolism in Ancient and Modern Culture

Anunaki Symbolism in Ancient and Modern Culture by Aaron Steiner If you know where to look and what to look for, you can find reptilian Anunaki symbolism portrayed in many ancient artwork and much of our modern iconography. Although the general public may recognize these images as Anunaki, they have been placed in numerous elements […]

Who Were the Gods

Who Were the Gods  by Aaron Steiner Throughout Mans history, most all cultures have had their versions of Gods and Deities in some form or another. In following the threads of history, it becomes apparent that the Gods of most all cultures were derived from the same basic characters that played a significant role in […]

The Anunaki Spacecraft – Nibiru

The Interstellar Spacecraft Nibiru – “Relentless Crosser of the Seas of Space”    The Anunaki… Who were they, and where did they come from? Well, fortunately for us… the answer to this daunting question can be found inscribed in stone in the form of 5,000 year old Sumerian Cuneiform clay tablets. It was only until […]

Adamu’s Rib – The Origin of Eve

The Origin of Eve – by Aaron Steiner Growing up, we always heard about the first people… Adam and Eve. The story goes that the woman Eve, was created (by God) from the man, using Adam’s rib. This account has been told, and many have embraced it. There are those who have rejected this idea, […]

Monumental Proof

Monumental Proof – by Aaron Steiner Taking in the wealth of unexplained or mysterious monuments discovered by modern man, there are a few that stand out above the rest. It’s not that they are more spectacular, it’s more how they play an important role in validating the history of our past and our extraterrestrial creators, […]

World Peace Project

World Peace Project – by Aaron Steiner The thought of World Peace… for many, has probably been at the top of their wish list, if they were ever given three wishes. Unfortunately this goal, under current circumstances, many seem like it is beyond reach and completely unattainable. I can assure you that this goal of […]

The Puzzle Called Life

A big piece of the puzzle called Life has just been found! MYTH: The Origin of Man by Aaron Steiner is like a set of Dead Sea Scrolls full of information about our past. There is a reason why we all act the way we do. There is a reason the stories, the “MYTH’s” we […]

Creationists and Evolutionists Unite

As long as I can remember.. the answers to who we are as a species have always been dominated by two camps – The Evolutionists and the Creationists. Each group has their answers readily available to anyone who chooses to observe them.. The Evolutionists say that we were evolved over time from a species of […]

The Anunaki Gave Us Human Culture

Unbeknownst to many… much of our Human Culture was given to a number of civilizations as part of a pre-developed society that the Anunaki had established specifically for them. There are many records of whole societies that were started in full development, only to deteriorate over time. A good example would be ancient Sumeria and […]

Who Were the Gods

Through a long process of selective amnesia, abetted by a secretive and self-perpetuating priesthood, Mankind has succeeded in denying all knowledge of his saurian ancestry. It’s a sad story.. The real story is and always has been, etched in Sumerian stone tablets that have managed to survive the ravages of 5,000 years. It is a […]

Painting With Words

Back in 04’ I decided to go finally to college after a 20 year summer vacation from when I had  graduated high school, and I signed up for a 2.5 year degree in Fine Arts at Spokane Falls Community College. I had been working as a silversmith and wanted to refine my skills. The obtainment […]

Paving the Way

Paving the Way: A Tribute – by Aaron Steiner Growing up in a society where it’s a mystery as to where we as humans come from can often be quite perplexing for a young mind to grasp. The common answer to this ominous question has always either been the religious explanation that God had simply […]

The Decline of World Mythology

The Decline of World Mythology – by Aaron Steiner In today’s Western culture the word “Myth” has lost its true meaning and sub-sequentially, its true power to give people what it was originally designed to provide . . . answers to who we are as a species, and the particular events that strongly influenced us […]


Myth tells the “how and why” of human origins. Reflecting the true definition of the word myth, the story addresses issues that arise between the first humans and their extraterrestrial reptilian creators, the Anunaki. Coming to ancient Earth from the star system of Sirius B to obtain gold and other natural resources, the Anunaki establish […]