The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained


The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained in Popular Modern Media

By Aaron Steiner

When I was establishing the story line for the book MYTH, a series of components and elements were put into place that set up the future story lines for the next series of books that I am writing… and the Epic of Gilgamesh will definitely be on that list. These are the tales of the human hybrid children who were produced by the extraterrestrial reptilian beings known as the Anunaki… the creators of the human race. The Anunaki had intimate relations with the daughters of their original creation, Eve, in the beginning of our human drama. And they are much of the focus of these story lines to come, as well as the children of pure Anunaki bloodline.


The human hybrid Anunaki babies could be identified by certain specific traits that set them apart from the first ebony skinned, human children of Eve. These would be – fair skin, elongated facial features such as pointed ears and high cheek bones. Other traits would be reptilian dominate features such as – horns, an extra digit, tail.

The story of Gilgamesh chronicles the details of one of the Anunaki/Human hybrid children who was the great grandson to a high ranking Anunaki official named – Enlil. To my delight, as I was watching the most current episode of the comedy TV show – American Dad, the Christmas based theme went into a very accurate ancient Sumerian detail regarding the Gilgamesh story line… even how the characters were visually depicted! The presentation was brief, but the components were all in alignment with my books account of the Anunaki and their exploits with the humans that they had created.


In the episode, Santa Clause was on a rampage to gain an ancient power from a giant that was slain by Gilgamesh. He had abducted the Smith family and forced them to listen to his “ultimate plan”. Santa then went into detail explaining the scholar’s version of the ancient Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh. He went on to explain how Gilgamesh (depicted as a black man even though he was probably fair skinned with horns… but close enough) and his companion Enkidu (who was depicted as a full blown Anunaki hybrid, complete with horns) were hunting a giant. The giants of old were also part of the Anunaki hybrid bloodline, so the one that they were hunting had horns as well.


The giants were known to be very powerful as well as magical, and they were ultimately eliminated through a genocide campaign initiated by the Anunaki about 5,000 years into human history. This campaign is documented by the Mayan Aztec calendar in the glyph of the Jaguar located in the upper right hand corner of the central face. The other three glyph also represent Anunaki genocide campaigns, but they were more geared toward using their weather technology to eliminate the hybrid human groups they had deemed undesirable… and they did this every 5,125 years.


So much of our human history has been lost by these campaigns… especially the last one, because it caused the whole earth to flood and in turn, everything had gotten buried in a thick layer of mud. The only reason any of our history is still intact is because the Anunaki who had come back after the flood waters had receded and built Sumeria for the group of humans that had been living on Mars.

Apparently they had many of their fair skinned human hybrid children living on Mars for a time, at least until the Earth floodwaters receded, and they came back to Earth and settled on the first major land mass that had been exposed – the Caucasus Plateau. Hence… you have Caucasians. Not many people are aware of this version of our history, which is not surprising… due to how much of these stories are hidden or convoluted through shoddy interpretation.


It is refreshing to find elements of our obscured past coming to the surface for humanity to reflect upon and process, because at some point, the true story of our human history and origins will become common knowledge. And in this, much dispute and debate will finally be put to rest… making the world a much better place to live in, for everyone.

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