Lilitu and the Lulu – Lost Keys to Our Ancient Past

Lilitu and the Lulu – Lost Keys to Our Ancient Past
By Aaron Steiner

I started writing “MYTH” back when I was fresh out of college in 2006 with a brand new shiny Fine Arts degree. After I had gathered the many complex details of the recorded accounts of human origins, mostly from the ancient Lilith cult information, the details recorded in the 5,000 year old Sumerian clay tablets, all sprinkled with a little bit of David Icke and R.A. Boulay.


Originally the story line had been compiled and written as a movie script. It was only after the work had been converted from a script into a novel that I realized I only had part of the story down. There was a whole back story that needed to be addressed, as far as what had happened back on the Anunaki home world of Rizq, located in the star system of Sirius B.

Enki book

Well… lucky for me, everything I needed was waiting for me in the 5,000 year old Sumerian text recorded in Zachariah Sitchen’s “The Lost Book of Enki”. It just so happens that the extraterrestrial reptilian, Lord Enki is one of the lead characters within the MYTH story-line… of all things!  How amazing was that? A complete backstory full of highly advanced technological adventures that were completely relevant to the story-line I had already established. Truly, it seemed as if it was a gift straight from the big guy himself. Lol 😀

The Anunaki are a very proud and noble race~

The Anunaki are a very proud and noble race~

It was a good thing that I had already established the details of the first worker experiment – the “Lulu as well as the first female human – “Lilitu”, because there is absolutely no mention of them in The Lost Book of Enki. The male human that is described seems as if it had been pulled out of thin air with no comprehensive account of its presence within the story-line.

light keeper

To fully comprehend and understand human origins, one really needs to observe where the Lulu and Lilitu fit into it all. The Lulu were created as the first work force, and Lilitu was the first human female, but she was removed from the human experiment early on to be a consort to Lord Enki. They are both very important elements that lead to some very important questions regarding the true nature of who we are as a species. One of them being that we were actually created in a laboratory. Another being the nature of our advanced but suppressed psychokinetic abilities… and above all, how our species was originally created as a proliferate work force to mine gold for the Anunaki.


If the account of the Lulu and Lilitu were common knowledge today, the world would definitely have a much better understanding of who we humans are as a species and our place in the world we live on. It might even be enough to awaken humanity to the fact that the planet does not belong to us and as guests, we should be much more respectful to the other animals who actually are part of the more natural scheme of things, as well as the environments that they inhabit. Things have gotten really bad lately here on this planet Earth due to a simple ignorance that has been allowed to exist, perpetuated by a lame form of human arrogance.

The Lulu

The Lulu

The story of the first genetically designed work force that didn’t quite work out, known as the “Lulu”, is certainly a fascinating one, and unrealized to most of the world. And yet, they have actually infiltrated our culture through an entertaining Saturday morning television show from the 1970’s called – ”The Land of the Lost”. They are the “Sleestacks” – a reptilian creature that was always chasing Marshal, Will and Holly around, and they lived in underground caves. There were many element from that show that reflected the ancient story-line of our past. One being the crystal tablets within the pylon structures that would appear in the jungles. These crystals were known as Mae stones in the Sumerian texts and were the central component of their computer technology.

Lilith.. empowered by her Anunaki lover's gift of devotion~

Lilith.. empowered by her Anunaki lover’s gift of devotion~

And the story of Lilitu, who later went on to become “Lilith”, is an even more fascinating account of the first human female who had been removed from the human experiment early on. It was due to her pursuit of self-empowerment that she has also gone unrealized and unannounced to most of the world today. But thankfully  her character has also managed to infiltrate our culture as a form of entertainment in the Marvel comic book series “The X Men”. The character “Storm” seems as if she was lifted straight out of the Lilith cult text, with her cape of power, ebony brown skin, electric white hair, eyes that glow like the moon and even the blue aura of light that radiates from her skin when she rises into the air. It’s such a wonderful image.

In time, Lilith awakened to her true potential~

In time, Lilith awakened to her true potential~

It truly fills my heart with joy that Lilith can live through this “X men” character, even if the general public is unaware of who she truly represents. According to the ancient text, Lilith had invoked the wrath of the Anunaki High Council, due to her tampering with the human experiment. It had been decreed early on that she become a dark, enigmatic figure within our human histories pantheon, unknown and unloved by her children and the rest of humanity. As you can see, that sentencing seems to still be in place to this day for the most part. But, that is going to change once the word gets out and people realize who she really is. In truth… she was the very first to awaken to her true psychokinetic power. the door

If the story of our human origins is to have any comprehensive accountability on a global level, the details of the Lulu and of Lilitu’s historical place within our origins story-line need to be in place on a much more mainstream event level. So, by all means, read the books… do research. Tell your friends about them… tell the world! Their story needs to be told if we are finally to understand who we are as a species, and ultimately… our place in the world we seem to be slowly destroying.

cosmo hand

The story of Human origins~

3 Gates – The Dampening of the Human Design

Human Design

3 Gates – The Dampening of the Human Design

By Aaron Steiner

When the Anunaki had first created the Humans, it was out of a necessity that arose when the Sleestakish workforce that they had originally created when they had added their own DNA to one the most evolved mammals on the planet at the time, the Australopithecus. They were known as the Lulu, and the problem was that these newly developed beings were dying off much earlier than had been expected. As with all of their biogenetic experimentation, none of the strange creatures that they had created had been capable of reproducing on their own.


Surrogate conception within volunteers transported from their home world had always been tedious and inconvenient, and an immediate was solution was needed to this very important problem. The new, and highly alternative Human design was effectively achieved when the science team was able to add a highly advanced Lyrian DNA to their Lulu creature’s blueprint. As a result, the new Lyrian DNA created a very highly advanced, dominantly mammalian creature that was not only capable of effectively reproducing on its own, but it also exhibited some more curious and rather unexpected abilities as well.

the new human

The Anunaki, being a very advanced reptilian race, had mastered the art of manipulating matter and form with sound to the point where they could alter matter at will through a unique process of shape-shifting. And… as it turns out, the new humans that they had created also appeared to possess this unique, and powerful ability as well. But, not only did they possess the power to manipulate matter at will, they also had the ability to manipulate something the Anunaki, with their reptilian minds, may not have been able to achieve on their own.

"Upon closer examination, the human brain is much too advanced for our purposes."

“Upon closer examination, the human brain is much too advanced for our purposes.”

The mammalian mind, with its extra fleshy mass, seems to encompass a range of emotions that the reptilian mind does not. And it’s that extra range of consciousness that most likely gave these new humans intrinsic traits that the Anunaki would find “unfavourable”. They had discovered that the new human’s advanced design not only encompassed the ability to alter matter at will, but they also had the ability to alter the very fabric of time space as well.

to powreful

The scientist who had come up with the human formula was Lady Ninmah. She had truly been the brains behind the scientific team that had been designated to produce an alternative work force due to the problems their Anunaki labour force had been encountering. Lord Enki, her older brother was merely designated as the head of the team, and when he found out what the new humans were capable of, he told his younger sister that they would never be approved by the High Council and they would want them destroyed immediately.

optimum design

Ninmah explained to him that the new design was optimally flawless in its physique and design and that all she would need to do is impose limitations on the central meridian of the human bio-energy field. She also explained to her brother where the three main gates would be located, and it is quite apparent that they were implemented with a certain amount of success. The Chinese Taoist Masters teach their students about how the “gods” had placed these three gates on the human energy field and that they are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, and at the base of the spine.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

 With these gates imposed, the human creature that they had developed was now running at a much lower bio-electric output, effectively dumbing them down to the point where they were smart enough to run the machines, but not smart enough for cognitive thinking…  and now, they would no longer threatened to either outshine or rebel against their creators.

Edin and Spaceport

So, the very first humans that the Anunaki had created, Adamu and Lilitu, were immediately trained in the art of providing the food for the dining tables of the Anunaki Royal palaces. They were given the job of taking care of the livestock and all of the plants that were contained within the enormous enclosed habitat of the spaceport of Eden. I do find it rather ironic that when it came to the psychotropic plants that they had brought to Earth from off-world sources to alleviate the hardships and tediousness of their workers time on Earth, that they simply told Adamu and Lilitu not to eat any it. That’s obviously not much of a deterrent because when Lilitu was taking care of these plants, she did end up eating them, and they effectively undid a lot of blocking elements that had been imposed along her central energy channel.


When she had opened up her mind through the assistance of the psychotropic plants, she would never be the same. She would in turn unlock her magical prowess, and the jealousy this would cause was the beginning of much of the discourse she encountered with her prescribed mate as well as Lord Enki when he removed her from the human experiment to be his personal consort. And things did not work out between either them… to the point where she was removed. As far as the human experiment goes, Lilitu was replaced by a clone of her male counterpart, because the Anunaki felt that the male human design was more apt to stick to the task at hand, follow directions and not ask questions.

adam and eve

It is when Lilith introduces the new female to the means of unblocking the gates the Anunaki had implemented, through psychotropic plants that people had gotten into a lot of trouble. This action seems to have contributed to a lot of very devastating drama that had scarred our consciousness in the very beginning of humanity’s existence.


Preventing humanity from accessing the means of unblocking the three main gates that the Anunaki had placed on us in the very beginning, has been on the forefront of a “Higher-Up” agenda to ensure that the bulk of the human race remains subservient as an effective workforce. It is one of the main reasons psychotropic plants have been made illegal and not available to the general public. This is most likely because it would awaken humanity’s consciousness to the point where exploitation as a profitable workforce would no longer be as easily achieved by the elite few who benefit from it.

money slave

This is only one example of the type of agenda components we have to deal with as a species that keep the bulk of humanity ignorant to their true potential. We have chemtrails and chemicals in foods and beverages that makes you stupid, such as aspartame as an artificial sweetener, as well as chemicals like fluoride in toothpaste, even though it says right on the package that it can kill an infant if swallowed.


The only way to unblock the blocking agents that have been imposed on us on such a grand scale is to be aware of the fact that we are capable of so much more, and to not be lulled into a mild complacency. Explore your potential, be aware of the gates… and spread your proverbial wings, and fly!

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The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained


The Epic of Gilgamesh Explained in Popular Modern Media

By Aaron Steiner

When I was establishing the story line for the book MYTH, a series of components and elements were put into place that set up the future story lines for the next series of books that I am writing… and the Epic of Gilgamesh will definitely be on that list. These are the tales of the human hybrid children who were produced by the extraterrestrial reptilian beings known as the Anunaki… the creators of the human race. The Anunaki had intimate relations with the daughters of their original creation, Eve, in the beginning of our human drama. And they are much of the focus of these story lines to come, as well as the children of pure Anunaki bloodline.


The human hybrid Anunaki babies could be identified by certain specific traits that set them apart from the first ebony skinned, human children of Eve. These would be – fair skin, elongated facial features such as pointed ears and high cheek bones. Other traits would be reptilian dominate features such as – horns, an extra digit, tail.

The story of Gilgamesh chronicles the details of one of the Anunaki/Human hybrid children who was the great grandson to a high ranking Anunaki official named – Enlil. To my delight, as I was watching the most current episode of the comedy TV show – American Dad, the Christmas based theme went into a very accurate ancient Sumerian detail regarding the Gilgamesh story line… even how the characters were visually depicted! The presentation was brief, but the components were all in alignment with my books account of the Anunaki and their exploits with the humans that they had created.


In the episode, Santa Clause was on a rampage to gain an ancient power from a giant that was slain by Gilgamesh. He had abducted the Smith family and forced them to listen to his “ultimate plan”. Santa then went into detail explaining the scholar’s version of the ancient Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh. He went on to explain how Gilgamesh (depicted as a black man even though he was probably fair skinned with horns… but close enough) and his companion Enkidu (who was depicted as a full blown Anunaki hybrid, complete with horns) were hunting a giant. The giants of old were also part of the Anunaki hybrid bloodline, so the one that they were hunting had horns as well.


The giants were known to be very powerful as well as magical, and they were ultimately eliminated through a genocide campaign initiated by the Anunaki about 5,000 years into human history. This campaign is documented by the Mayan Aztec calendar in the glyph of the Jaguar located in the upper right hand corner of the central face. The other three glyph also represent Anunaki genocide campaigns, but they were more geared toward using their weather technology to eliminate the hybrid human groups they had deemed undesirable… and they did this every 5,125 years.


So much of our human history has been lost by these campaigns… especially the last one, because it caused the whole earth to flood and in turn, everything had gotten buried in a thick layer of mud. The only reason any of our history is still intact is because the Anunaki who had come back after the flood waters had receded and built Sumeria for the group of humans that had been living on Mars.

Apparently they had many of their fair skinned human hybrid children living on Mars for a time, at least until the Earth floodwaters receded, and they came back to Earth and settled on the first major land mass that had been exposed – the Caucasus Plateau. Hence… you have Caucasians. Not many people are aware of this version of our history, which is not surprising… due to how much of these stories are hidden or convoluted through shoddy interpretation.


It is refreshing to find elements of our obscured past coming to the surface for humanity to reflect upon and process, because at some point, the true story of our human history and origins will become common knowledge. And in this, much dispute and debate will finally be put to rest… making the world a much better place to live in, for everyone.

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The Next Book – MYTH 2


The Next Book – MYTH 2

By Aaron Steiner

I’ve often said that writing MYTH has been a lot like following a small thread through the dark and seeing where it leads you. It is truly amazing to me to have discovered so many small yet extremely important details to the story of where we come from by simply sitting down and putting it all together. My first book MYTH: The Origin of Man chronicles the who, the why and the how of the many circumstances that brought about the highly advanced science experiments that ultimately lead to our creation.


I had been studying the many mysteries our human existence and its powerful hidden potential, but in all cases, the answers I was looking for were always only presented to me in segments and tidbits. I longed for answers… real answers. It seemed the only alternative available to me was take all the tidbits I did obtain from my studies, and write up a book of my own creation.

Once I had the relevant componentry in place, was when all the plausibly obvious elements started coming to light and I began to discover important answers that I wasn’t able to read about in the many books I had researched in the past. The foundation of the story line of MYTH leaves way to a series of phenomenal events from our past that we today can only experience as segmented fiction.

key to the ?

With this comprehensive foundation established and all the important details in place, the events that stem from them are mind blowing to me in that there is such an enormous wealth of familiar elements that we have been raised to believe are creatures and events of pure fantasy. Well… I’m here to tell you they are not. For example, the races of the Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Trolls and even Vampires… were and are, all real. They were, for the most part, results of the Anunaki breeding with humans to create hybrid children or to purposefully develop a new worker being.

Amazingly, the origin of these perceived as fantasy races is amazingly what the thread that I have been following has lead me to. And the order of these events have once again proven to disclose so many previously unrealized elements that tie everything that I’ve studied, heard about and been exposed to, all together. There are things that happen in the story, that many of us have heard about already… but having the back story to set it all up and explain how it all came about, is absolutely priceless when it comes to ending up in the right place to continue moving forward in the story.


The synchronization of the events of the past is so very crucial when writing about it, in that the many details of our history need to be set up properly so that all the detail from our historical story line that is available to work with can be utilized effectively (even though they almost always lack one important element or another). As the drama of our human history unfolds for me, so do the many layers of its detail. It’s a very exciting process!

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Why the Human Design Was Dampened

true human

Why the Human Design Was Dampened

by Aaron Steiner

Have you ever heard that we, as humans, only use 2 to 12% of our brains? Well.. the theory has a lot of significant and historical reference in terms of how the human design came about. It stands to reason that we as humans have a lot of significant and untapped potential lying dormant, deep within our true genetic design. This concept was captured most eloquently in the movie “Lucy” from 2014, where… through a highly experimental natal drug, a woman gains access to the dormant portions of her brain, and as a result, she gains an incredible heightened sense of awareness and a powerful psychosomatic control of her surroundings and the people in it.

When the Anunaki medical team in charge of creating a replacement workforce had run into problems with the original Lulu creature they had come up with by combining Australopithecus DNA with their own.. it was decided that the whole being needed to be redesigned. The Lulu had been huge a success in that it had a reptilian appearance (looking very much like a “Sleestak” from the TV show “The Land of the Lost”), yet it had the warm blooded internal regulation of a mammal.. a trait most favorable deep within the gold mines of the Abzu (in South Africa). The big problem was that their life expectancy was running much shorter than had been expected, and they had to be tediously gestated by hired Anunaki surrogates. One of the biggest setbacks the Anunaki had experienced during their bizarre medical experimentation.. was that none of the creatures they had created were capable of reproducing, the Lulu included.


At one point in my life, it had become common knowledge to me, that the Anunaki had added highly advanced Lyrian DNA to their Sleestak/Lulu equation to create the original Humans. That was good to know, but it had dawned on me.. where did they get this mysterious DNA from Lyra?

Well, it just so happens that there is a big Lyrian connection to the planet Mars that involves a group of them traveling to the ancient red planet to escape the Dracco and their genocide campaign. This is information I heard about from a gentleman by the name of Stewart Swerdlow form a Goerge Nory episode of Coast to Coast. He claims he used to be a remote viewer for the government and he told a tale of how the reptilian race, the Dracco did find them and wiped them out, but I had learned of ancient pyramids on Mars through Richard C. Hoagland that I’m assuming existed long before the Anunaki had arrived to our solar system and I realized who they had probably belonged to.. the Lyrians, a race so old and evolved that if there is a Galactic Council.. it was the Lyrians who started it, all those many eons ago.

In the story line of Myth, the Anunaki had sent an excavation team into the pyramids on Mars and they returned with artifacts from within, that contained the ancient DNA from Lyra. It was these genetic codes that the head scientist, Ninmah, had added to their original Lulu to create the highly evolved being they named – Human. The human was every thing the Anunaki could have wanted in a worker being.  A warmblooded being with opposable thumbs, intellect, dexterity,.. and best of all, one that is thoroughly capable of reproduction.



The only problem.. aside from being mammalian in appearance, the team had created a creature with a psychosomatic capacity that could easily surpass their own, and this would never be allowed by the Anunaki High Council. Instead of destroying the being and starting over, Ninmah told her brother Enki that she would be able to inhibit the more active centers of the psychosomatic parts of the brain by dampening the central channel of the creatures energy field, along the human being’s central meridian.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

It was in a book that I had read while researching wisdom in Hawaii called “The Wandering Taoist” by Dang Ming-Dao that I had learned of these gates that were imposed on the original humans by “The Gods”. He explained how the monks would meditate on these gates to open them and gain a higher consciousness in the process. Imposing these “gates” on the human energy system were an effective means to create a being that was intelligent enough to utilize basic cognitive skills such as using tools and operating machinery, but not intelligent enough for higher reasoning, or access to its latent psychosomatic abilities. Basically… a very effective and utilizable slave being to run their Earth based gold mining operations.

The thing is.. the gates are still there and humanity has only scratched the surface when it comes to accessing who and what they are truly capable of being. There are many ancient and modern methods the powers that be keep people in a lowered state of being. From illegalizing mind expanding plants, and promoting the cog in the machine mentality that keeps people locked in to their 9 to 5 jobs long enough to never question the way things are run… effectively keeping them slaves in their minds and their jobs, even though they work hard and are good people. The story of the forbidden fruit of knowledge in the garden of Edin is about how psychotropic plants undo the dampening of the human energy system, and how they had become disruptive to the Anunaki’s plan for their slave race.




The Ancient Anunaki Rocket Base of Baalbek


The Ancient Anunaki Rocket Base of Baalbek

   The colossal stone platform under the Heliopolis Temple built by Alexander the Great in 400 BC to honor the god Zeus at the site of Baalbek in the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon, has got to be hands down the most evident remnants of our creator race that we have come to know as – The Anunaki. The word itself “Anunaki” means simply “Those Who Came to Earth”. Apparently, the Anunaki themselves, came to Earth long ago from a trinary star system that is the seventh closest system to our own sun… Sirius B, from a planet known as “Rizq”.


   Surprisingly, the details of this creator “group” have been loosely retained through the various religions and legends and myths of our day. But sadly, the element of time, the jealous priesthoods of the past and ruling powers that be, have removed and unraveled much the comprehensiveness and accountability of most of these chronicled events. When retold, because so many pieces of the storyline have been removed or symbolized… the stories themselves sound so fantastic and divers that a lot of argument regarding what is REALLY the “truth” is generated.


So, to unravel the mystery as to what actually happened, one would have to go as far back as they could to hopefully get the closest version of the truth as possible. In our case, our recorded history only goes back 5,000 years due to a global event that pretty much covered the Earth with water and mud. It was when the waters had begun to recede that human culture was re-established, apparently by the Anunaki themselves – the ancient culture of Sumer. The records from this culture are still intact and explain in great detail the highly advanced technology that the Anunaki used to come to Earth from Rizq, their experiences along the way… including what happened as they maneuvered through our solar system to get here, and how that technology was applied to their trials and tribulations while they were here.

The Sumerian Tablets - the Anunnaki

   To be perfectly honest… it seems that the only way this information could have been derived, is that if one of the Anunaki themselves actually must have sat down with a human scribe 5,000 years ago, and explain in great detail the story of themselves and their experiences on Earth. Within the storyline, the landing of their ships was always a big deal to the point that they had decided to build the large permanent structure of Baalbek. The head of their command, Enlil, had discovered the site north of their established base camp and head of the team in charge of building it.


   This massive stone landing pad of Baalbek survived the flood, and back as recently as 438 BC Alexander the Great  built the temple of Heliopolis on top of it to honor the god Zeus. But beneath the Corinthian columns and remnants of both Greek and Roman architecture lie the ruins of a site that is much, much older.  The ancient city of Baalbek is named after the early Canaanite deity Baal – who symbolically represents Lord Enlil. The ancient Sumerian clay tablets explain quite vividly, how the Anunaki teams, under the direction of Lord Enlil, had originally used lasers to cut the enormous stone blocks for the site and how they used vibrational sound technology to levitate the massive stone blocks into place. These documents are 5,000 years old and they detail the construction of a structure that our modern day technology and equipment still cannot achieve. Yet no one seems to notice this huge stone elephant in the room?


   The tablets also explain the Face on Mars and much of the activity that was going on there, but Baalbek is right here in our own back yard, and its existence is simply just too evident to be ignored or explained away. If there is some old record that explains how it and many other strange things got here, the oddness of its account should not be dismissed simply because it’s odd. Our minds need to be open to these fantastic accounts and the possibilities that these super sciences existed before we humans were even conceptualized. We, as a species need to be open to the idea that we actually owe our very existence to these super sciences, and that we would not even be here without them.

Anunaki Technology – Catching Up With Lost Science


Anunaki Technology – Catching Up With Lost Science

by Aaron Steiner

While researching the account of our Human origins, I was hardly surprised to discover a silicon quartz based technology used by the Anunaki to run all of their technologies. The range of these technologies being quite broad, they were all programed into quartz crystals know by the ancient Sumerians as – Mae Stones. And these crystal stones were housed in trays… or “tablets”.


It’s amazing to me that records of such advanced technologies could be sitting under our very noses for the last 5,000 years, yet most people believe that we are only now being exposed to such advancements in science as computer technology. It was computer technology that aided our very creation in the first place! To write of such advanced science would often place the subject within the category of science fiction. But, what if these advanced sciences aren’t fictional at all… as a matter of fact, they are documented quite vividly within the records of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets.

The Sumerian Tablets - the Anunnaki

The tablets tell quite clearly of great sciences, all run by the Mae stone crystals. The quartz computer stones ran the functions of such things as… the multitude of technical operations within their interplanetary spacecraft, the operations of their spaceports and their mining systems. They ran medical operations as well as security and agriculture systems. They also used the Mae stone technology for their long distance communications to their home world of Rizq, within the star system of Sirius B.


These topics, retold… embrace a history that has not been so much lost as it has become considered so fantastic, that what was once defined as a term for history recorded and preserved… Mythology, is now synonymous with the term “misconception”. And this is simply because these ancient historical accounts are so technologically advanced that with what we’ve been taught in school… these stories could never be real. The Gods and Goddesses of Mythology, for the most part were the Anunaki scientists who were directly involved with our creation within their science laboratories.


So, I’ve decided to coin a new genre… instead of falling into the category of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), my work will fall under the newly discovered arena of Science Non Fiction… or, Sci-Ni Fi. In this the term “Myth” will regain its original meaning in that it is simply a story involving humans interacting with Godlike or “Supernatural” beings… our alien creators, the Anunaki.


As we evolve and the world becomes hungry for truth… tidbits of the history that we do have access to, will all point the way to a simple understanding of who we are and where we came from as an alien species to this planet. Maybe in doing so, we can figure out a way to live in harmony with this world and the many plants and animals that we share it with. Let’s all hope it happens sooner than later.

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Eye Have a Dream


Eye Have a Dream – by Aaron Steiner

If you had one wish… what would it be?

Although this may be just a hypothetical question asked by one self to one self, it does have a certain universal appeal. It is the kind of important question you may be asked by someone like the president, or a judge at an important contest of some kind. And it seems that there is a powerful constant that rings through most people’s answer… that common answer would truly have be – “World Peace”.

Most everyone with a feel for the bigger picture of our world today has longed for some type of world peace somewhere deep within their being. But, sadly to say, most of us feel like the idea of world peace is so huge and I as an individual am so small, that the execution of this really good plan seems pretty much impossible. Well, I’m here to tell you… there IS a way!

It is the things dividing us that generate and perpetuate any and all kind of global diversity. Much of that division is derived from an inconsistent view or understanding of who we are as a species and how we got here. It is in this, that we get the many number of colorful interpretations of this, single common account. These… these many interpretations, are the multifaceted interpretations over the years that have spawned the many world religions that we all know and love today (even the ones we don’t!).

It would seem that the logical course of events in a modern age would be to boil it all back down to its original interpretation. In this, we find a familiar storyline that is thoroughly accounted for throughout, and comprehensive enough to provide a common account human origins story that would in turn be effectively embraced by every culture across the globe… thereby uniting the human family under a common understanding of our true human history.


An understood account of the science of our creation would effectively bridge the gap between church and state. The incredible details would be able to be freely taught in schools… as well as churches, who surprisingly have more of these fantastic details intact within their multitude of storylines then the common man would have or could have ever imagined. With a common account understanding of who we are and where we came from in place, it seems that the human race would naturally align with its new understanding of what everybody pretty much… already knew anyways.

So, if you find the story of our beginnings and the dramas that ensued a little strange… consider how familiar so much of it is as well. The many details of the account will all start to fall in to place in time, I assure you! It’s much like connect the dots, when they are all connected a clear image of the bigger picture is revealed. There is much satisfaction in a clear picture of such influential details of our past. And when it is clear enough for the whole of humanity to embrace it, the only thing you have left is a certain unity derived from the simple act of knowing.

the door

My book, MYTH: The Origin of Man has embraced the tales our creator races need to come to Earth, and their eventual need to create us. The facinating tale has been taken from pure historical accounts that are as old as 5,000 years, much consisting of a very high tech element that our current science seems to have only recently caught up with… almost. The story is old, but the comprehensive account is new… some time here in the very near future, the human race will catch up with its distant past! And what a happy day that will be… eye have a dream.


Characters of Fantasy Are Part of a Lost Anunaki/Human Hybrid History

dungeonHybrid Anunaki/Human Children

Characters of Fantasy are in truth part of a Lost Anunaki/Human Hybrid History

By Aaron Steiner

It was only after I wrote most of the book MYTH: The Origin of Man that I started to realize that a mysterious, perceived as fictional race that I had always been enamored and fascinated by… the Elves, were actually real. Yes… Elves! Just like the ones that supposedly help Santa Clause. Well, actually more like the Elves in the motion picture “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” and fantasy role playing games like “Dungeons and Dragons” and “The World of Warcraft”.

So, believe it or not, it turns out the Elven race is real… along with many of the other fantasy characters that we all know and love. They all have a place in our Human history of 26,000 years. The Aztec calendar does an absolutely amazing job of chronicling this elusive Human history, marking four very key points during our monitored development. These points all involving massive genocide campaigns designed to either accommodate their desired Human design, or sometimes even introduce a whole new type of Human to the equation. They were all very effective in eliminating any “unwanted” human creations, as well as much of any evidence of their existence, and are all clearly charted by the four images around the calendars central face.

Aztec calendar

There are many stories of our large reptilian creator race interbreeding with the human race. Much of it unsanctioned and scandalous. The result of these unions between humans and Anunaki varied quite a bit depending on the genetic quality of the two lovers in question. There were royal bloodlines interbreeding with humans, but there were also lower-class Anunaki workers that had managed to acquire female humans to keep them company as well.

As in the case of the human female genome, the original human female – Lilith, was actually removed from the Human workforce experiment very early on to become a personal consort to the Anunaki Lord, Enki. In turn, she ended up being replaced not by a replica of her original genome, but by a clone created from the male… a diluted version of the original female genome! The Anunaki science team liked that the human male was staying on task and following orders, unlike the more curious and ambitious female, and they wanted their new female to carry these same traits. So, they cloned her from stem cells they acquired from the bone marrow of the original male’s rib bone. Her name was Eve.


So, many of the hybrid children we hear of like the Giants and such were a product of the blood lines of Eve. But in the case of the Elves, they were the hybrid children of the first, pure and original, untainted human female genome… Lilith. She had ultimately betrothed a very wise and handsome Anunaki champion who at one time had been the Captain of the Anunaki Guard. Their children were to become the Elven race, and they were much fairer skinned than the hybrid children of Eve.

Daughter of Lilith

Although there are many differences, there are many common attributes of Anunaki/Human hybrid children. The main one being that they are usually always mammalian in appearance. This is due to the mammalian gene being dominant in these types of union… much to the dismay of many of the Anunaki elite. Although the original humans were dark skinned, fair skin is also a common trait among Anunaki hybrids, along with pointed ears and such. So, the Giants, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins… even Trolls, all mammalian in appearance, they were all Anunaki/Human hybrid races.

Hybrid Son - Cain

The very first Anunaki/Human Hybrid child was birthed by Lilith’s cloned replacement female, Eve. The child’s name was Cain, and his very name means “Hybrid Child”. Cain was the result of a sexual union between Eve and the head scientist who had created her… Lord Enki, Royal Reptilian bloodline in all its glory. Enki had already tasted female human sensuality, and was prone to sampling his handy-word before he gave Adamu what would become his new replacement female.

Later in the story, for reasons of his own… Cain betrays Lilith by murdering her entire family and burning her garden Estate of D’hainu to the ground. She retaliated in her incredible anguish by cursing his clan to become a race of Vampires – effectively establishing the origins of this other mysterious, so called fantasy race. A powerful character that is so ingrained into our Western culture that most people don’t think twice about where they actually originated, and that they are historically more real than most people could have imagined.


So, there is a reason these so call “fantasy” characters exist in our culture. It’s because they are part of a lost and hidden legacy. Who’s to say as to why our ancestry has been buried in obscurity. Maybe it’s part of some kind of global conspiracy, or maybe it’s simply part of being buried by the very earth itself. For whatever reason, these personas find their way into our lives regardless, whether it’s from some kind of ancient documentation, or from the mind of a modern author who is able to tap into an ancient history and bring it to life through the world he creates for his readers.

J.R. Tolkien, who wrote the books “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, is an excellent example of this type of author, in his ability to remote view into our ancient past. But there are also many other authors who have done this… myself included! When you start writing and get your world set up, your historically dramatized characters begin to take on a life of their own, and all you have to do is sit in the corner and write down what happens! Much of my book was created this way, and it’s astounding how the results always flow so well with the rest of the story line. I mean… I had no idea! The darn thing nearly wrote itself!

word love

Writing is just like painting… only with words. Being an author is great, you can create worlds and play God with your characters. It’s very satisfying and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever toyed with the idea of becoming one. I myself, am still following the narrow thread of history and am in the middle of writing the follow up book to my first novel – MYTH: The Origin of Man. These books have taken me to a place that explains so much of our past, which in turn explain s SO much of our present. I seriously can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world… you guys are gonna be blown away!



Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link


Our DNA from Lyra.. The Missing Link

by Aaron Steiner

I’d have to say, that writing the story of Mankind’s origins was a lot like putting together a giant jig-saw puzzle. It was definitely a challenge, but when I started the ball rolling… it was amazing to me how many of the pieces I already had, along with all the newly discovered pieces, all fell into place with flawless precision and comprehensive account. During my research, the resources that seemed to contain the most relevant information were the cuneiform clay tablets from ancient Sumeria and any and all of the ancient Lilith cult documentation.

From a literal understanding of the Garden of Eden and Adam’s rib to an accurate symbolic reference for the apple of knowledge… all these being common elements from the Bible, they surprisingly had an integral role to play in understanding the account of our true historical story line. The components from the Bible were just the beginning as far as putting all the details into their proper reference. There were many correlations that covered a vast range of familiar issues once most of the elemental pieces were established.

It was after I stumbled upon a tale of extreme celestial depth by a fellow named Stewart Swerdlow involving an Alien history lesson… that all the pieces of the puzzle really came together for me. By the time I had most of it put together, the idea that the Anunaki had combined DNA from the star system of Lyra to their primitive reptoid worker creation, to ultimately create the original Human design had been quite established.

But where did the Anunaki get this mysterious Lyrian DNA? Space traders… they just happened to have some… what? From what I’ve heard, the original Lyrian race had been wiped out by one of their neighboring species (known as the Draco) a long, long time ago. This was to be the beginning of the astounding tale of the Earth’s original history that Stewart was laying down during his interview on the talk radio show “Coast to Coast”.

Stewart Swerdlow had worked for the secret Psy-opps department of the Government at a special base called Montauk in New York State. There he was sensory deprived and learned the unique art of “remote viewing”. He starts out by explaining how, eons and eons ago… the Earth was the second planet from the Sun and Mars was the Third. Back then, the earth was covered in water and even the atmosphere was vey liquidy. There was also an enormous fourth planet named Maldek… that is now nothing but a giant asteroid field.

He then takes us to the Lyrian star system and explains that it is where “humanity” began. He then tells of a reptilian empire known as the Draco. The mindset of these being was that they felt an obligation to destroy or assimilate all other life forms that they felt were inferior. It is their androgyny and the fact that their reptilian DNA does not change over eons of time, that they feel justifies these claims. These beings attacked the Lyrians and dispersed the survivors, who fanned out into the known galaxy to colonize suitable solar systems… this one included.

When they came here, Mars and Maldek had atmospheres and oceans and they established colonies there. The reptilian Draco followed the surviving Lyrians across the various colonies and attacked them. Using hollowed out asteroids as vehicles… and weapons, the Draco sent an ice-comet into our solar system to attack and destroy the colonies. As the ice-comet entered our system, it caused Uranus to flip on its axis. It then continued toward Maldek and created so much pressure and gravitational pull from the gas planet of Jupiter… that it caused the planet Maldek to explode.

As the ice-comet approached Mars, it pulled much of the atmosphere off of it, and much of its oceans water as well. When the comet got to the Earth, it went into an orbit with it… creating polarity within the planet’s vast ocean waters. The spinning of the Earth then started forming ice-caps. In time, the Earth switched places with the ice-comet so that the ice-comet was now the second object in orbit of our Sun, pushing the Earth out to the third position.

So, what we now know as Venus… used to be an ice-comet weapon from long ago. The ice on the comet melted quite rapidly when it got close to the Sun and created a steam and vapor cloud that still envelopes the planet today. Now that the Earth was pushed out into the third position from the Sun, it became very inhabitable as land masses became to appear.

When the Draco became aware of the inadvertent results of their attack, they drove another vehicle, the hollowed out land mass we know as the Moon, into the Earth’s orbit into the exact spot needed to create tides and seasons so that they could eventually come back and colonize it. This is why only one side of the Moon faces the Earth at all times… it doesn’t spin like other natural objects, making it a lot like an abandoned vehicle that someone left on the side of the road.

The Draco seeded the Earth with a variety of plants, animals, insects and bacteria, and the reptilian descendants of the Draco established enormous colonies known Mu and Lumeria, with large cities and high technology… where they were basically preparing the planet for assimilation into the Draco Empire.  But eventually they had to battle with the survivors of the Lyrians from Mars, who had gone underground and then traveled to the Earth once it was inhabitable, establishing the mammalian colony known as Atlantis. There was a big war that ensued between the two factions, and eventually they pretty much wiped each other out.

By the time the Riziqians (Anunaki) had gotten here, the Earth was theirs for the taking. They were quick to established spaceports for their interstellar aircraft and developed an enormous gold mining operation to save their home world’s failing atmosphere. The undertaking of mining Earth gold had become so extensive and tedious that the Anunaki eventually decided to create a worker who would do the work for them.

After much testing, the Anunaki scientists finally created a worker who still had a reptilian appearance, but was warm blooded like a mammal. Unfortunately these being’s life span ran short, and they were thoroughly incapable of reproduction. This is where the Anunaki added the Lyrian DNA to their workers equation, creating the mammalian hominid – the Human.

I was originally wondering where this Lyrian DNA could have been possibly been obtained. Then it dawned on me… ancient pyramids on Mars! It just so happened that my book’s preface started out with the Riziqian crew refueling their ship from a lake right next to a group of ancient pyramids. I had never considered the Lyrian connection to these pyramids until I heard Stewart’s story… and it felt so good to connect the dots and have so many of these important pieces fall into place.

So, when I added the archeological survey team and the artifacts they had discovered within the ancient pyramids on Mars to the story line… I was very pleased to have the foundation of a highly complex chain of events dialed in. This is what I truly needed to establish to attain the comprehensive continuity I’ve adhered to within the rest of the book. And when it comes down to it… a common knowledge, comprehensive account of our Human origins is something the whole world truly needs. Without this… we are simply lost.

Thank goodness for the internet..! LOL. May the pieces continue to fall into place. A



The Lulu – A New Worker is Created

The Lulu
The Lulu

The Lulu – A New Worker is Created

“We are very close to having our Worker being,” Enki announced  to his team. “We must consider all the steps that have been taken so far,” he glanced over at his sister, “During the process, there was one thing we never changed . . . we have always used the Earth   mammal’s wombs for our conceptions.”

Ninmah looked at him, bewildered. “What are you saying?”  

“Perhaps it is an Anunaki womb that is required to truly create  a worker in our likeness.” There was silence in the laboratory. Until  now, the idea had been unheard of and never really considered.

They all stared silently at each other, wondering what the other  was thinking. After some consideration, Ninmah agreed that Enki’s point was  indeed valid. “Perhaps the admixture is in the wrong womb, but   what Anunaki female would offer her womb freely to this kind of experiment? What if the child they would be carrying turns out to  be some kind of hideous monster?” Ninmah asked him with a slight  tremble in her voice.

“I could ask my wife Ninki to carry the child,” Enki said. “I will   summon her to Ebineru and we can present our plan to her.” He  reached over to touch the panel that would make the call and Ninmah put her hand on his shoulder. “No! No! These formulas are my design. The rewards and the dangers should be mine alone. I will provide the womb and accept   fate, whatever the outcome.”

Enki bowed his head. “So be it,” he said softly.

Working together, they created the new admixture of Rizqian  sperm and introduced it to the Australopithecus egg. When it was  ready, Enki gently placed the fertilized egg inside of Ninmah, and a successful conception was achieved, but no one knew how long   the pregnancy would actually last. In the end, it did take longer  than the usual nine months for maturation and there were some  legitimate concerns raised. Everything was fine though, and in time Ninmah gave birth to a healthy male child. As Enki held the infant   in his hands, he found it to be an image of perfection, and when he  slapped it on the rear end, he was quite satisfied to hear that it  made the proper sounds that they were hoping for.

He handed Ninmah the child and she held it up, “We have done   it!” she cried out. When she held the baby to her breast to suckle,  she felt a well-deserved sense of pride in her accomplishment.

As Ningishzida examined the child, he was quite pleased with  their most recent creation as well. “It appears. . . that we have  attained perfection at last,” he said with confident elation.

The child had a soft-scaled skin like the Anunaki, and when  Enki saw Ninmah with the child, he saw them as a mother and a  son, not a mother and a creature. “What will you call this being?” he asked her.

Ninmah touched the child’s face gently. “Lulu,” she told him   softly.

A team of surrogates were brought from Rizq, and in time, a workforce of 300 Lulu was birthed.

Enki and his team took the two original Lulu from the Abzu to Eridu, where they were put into a special enclosure and allowed to roam freely. Anunaki elite and crew members from every outpost came to see the new beings that Enki and his team had created.

Since the day they had started, Enlil had never been pleased with the experiment but that displeasure was diminished when he gazed upon the Lulu children. Ninutra came and so did Ninlil. From the way station on Mars, Enki’s son Marduk came to see the new beings and the Igigi who shuttle gold to Mars also came to see the new creatures as well and they all were completely in awe of the Lulu.

“You have done it,” they were all saying to the team. “You have fashioned a Primitive Worker… our days of toil on Earth have ended!”

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Ebineru – The House of Life

The Botanical Science lab of Ebineru - The House of Life~

The Botanical Science lab of Ebineru – The House of Life~

Ebineru – The House of Life

Deep within the jungles of the Abzu, Enki had created a highly advanced botanical and science laboratory for himself that he named Ebineru—the House of Life. Located over a mighty river, one of the most prominent features of this large glass and stainless steel research center was the tube-like glass tunnels underneath it that went off in many different directions into the rainforest jungles. The clear observation tunnels went down through the river waters and branched out into the surrounding jungle, just below the ground’s surface.

These clear tunnels would allow Enki and his teams to enter the rainforest jungles at various points and remain virtually undetected while observing the ways of the natural habitat. Enki wanted to study all of Earth’s life forms to understand its secrets of life and death. He had furnished Ebineru with all manner of tools and equipment that he had specially designed and shipped to him from Rizq. It was indeed a most wondrous place to study and observe nature.

Walking the bright, tubular hallways within the House of Life, Enki came to the Medical Center. Through the glass he could see Ninmah in her lab coat discussing some documents on her hand held screen with an assistant. She noticed him standing there, and as the assistant left, she gestured for him to enter the lab.

“Enki, what a pleasant surprise. Are you here to pick up your mining crew?”

Enki nodded. He stared at her for a moment without saying anything. Ninmah looked at him with concern. “I’m sorry, aside from the elixir, there’s not much we can do for them in this atmosphere. Our regenerative sciences are intrinsically designed for the physiology of the noble bloodlines only and the masks we’ve designed don’t work very well in damp, underground environments. I am still working on some other design prototypes though—”

“Ninmah. . .” Enki interrupted, but was then silent. He wanted her badly. . . but their lives were based on order and tradition. Even though their own father had crushed tradition with his coup. . . and they had already developed an intimate relationship, Enki had to push thoughts of passion out of his mind. He needed to be the logical one and stay focused on the important tasks of the mission.


Time passes and a solution to their problem is eminent…

Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzida were now able to proceed with the plans for the new life-form with the consent of the official proclamation of Lord Anu and the blessings of the High Council. At this point, Enki had not seen much of Enlil, whom he knew was still fuming about their father’s siding with genetic manipulation; it was a satisfying feeling, however brief.

In Enki’s Ebineru office, a thin mist gently covered the floor of the dimly lit, plant-filled room. Seated in a chair that looked as if it used to be some kind of enormous, alien insect at one time, Ninmah and Ningishzida stood at Enki’s side. They were working in front of an illuminated computer console made of many different multicolored crystal panels, positioned next to view monitors with a variety of schematics within them. Enki and Ningishzida were busy explaining to Ninmah in great detail about their research and how they would be creating their new worker.

When they were finished, Enki took Ninmah outside to a place among some trees that was full of a number of random cages.There, within the cages, were the odd creatures from his experiments that he had chosen not to show the commanders earlier. He and Ningishzida had been creating them by splicing their genetic codes. Some of these beings had the foreparts of one kind of animal and the hind parts of another.

Returning to the House of Life, Enki showed Ninmah to the clean, brightly lit laboratories where they had been doing their  experiments. She looked at the strange beings in their glass cages  with intrigue, but overall, she was appalled at their plight.


“Enki. . . !These creatures are an abomination,” she exclaimed. “And one can only imagine their suffering. They really should be destroyed, my Lord!”

Enki looked calmly at the genetically spliced animals in their glass cages and said, “I agree with you. That is why you’re here, my dear sister.” He turned to her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. “We need your expertise so that we will know how much essence to combine within our mixture. We need to know which womb the conception should be made in, and which womb should be used for birthing?”

Enki looked into her eyes. “We need the expertise and under standing of one who has actually given birth,” he said, with a tone of deep respect. Ninmah smiled softly as she thought about their two beautiful daughters. Ninmah studied the Mae Stones Sacred Life formulas with Ningishzida and he explained to her how he had manipulated the particular genetic combinations of the creatures that they had already created. Now, it was time to examine the Australopithecus creature’s physiology and genetic coding more closely.


“The two-legged monkey creatures are fascinating. . . and they are actually quite similar to us in many ways,” Ninmah said to him softly. “Have the two of you considered having an Anunaki male impregnate an Australopithecus female through the act of sexual intercourse?”

Enki looked up from his workstation. The question was unusual but completely valid. “Yes, well. . . we have tried that, and the results have always ended in a failed conception within the female,” he explained.

Enki’s team had finally come to the conclusion that the new being would have to be created in a series of stages, adding small Anunaki elements as they went. From the formulas on the Mae Stones, they carefully calculated the Siriun elements that would be added to their creations. With their computers and the data collected on Mae Stones, they used high-tech medical equipment from their home world to perform the delicate procedures.


Dressed in full surgical hood, mask and gloves, Ninmah artificially inseminated a female Australopithecus egg with an Anunaki sperm, in a small, quartz Petri dish. The small vessel containing the inseminated egg was placed inside the womb of the Australopithecus female, and this time they had successful conception. A birth was now forthcoming. 

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Biblical Similarities in the book – MYTH

Biblical similarities

Biblical Similarities in MYTH

by Aaron Steiner

   When I had begun writing what came to be the book “MYTH: The Origin Man”, I had put it together as a movie script, compiled from ancient Sumerian text combined with a number of Lilith cult scriptures. My script was based on capturing the human drama chronicled in these ancient history records, and how it all had unfolded between the reptilian extraterrestrial aliens who created us – the Anunaki, and the very first humans that they had created.

In time, the script itself was reformatted into a novel that was much more expressive on so many levels… I could now paint whole environments, with sounds, colors, smells, tastes and textures. Thoughts and feelings were also allowed to be brought to the table as well. But after all was said and done, the content compiled only half of what the novel needed to be… I needed a back story.

There is a book, compiled from 5,000 year old Sumerian cuneiform tablets called – The Lost Book of Enki, put together by the same author I had gotten much of my original information from. I hadn’t read it yet, but ironically, Enki was the lead character of my book and the ancient manuscripts were supposedly his memoirs.

When I finally read it, I was completely blown away. In these 5,000 year old clay tablets, contained the whole story as far as what had happened on Enki’s planet and how he and his team ended up here on Earth. It was as if Lord Enki himself had sat down with a scribe from the time and told of his tale. The tablets themselves read a little strange, but since I had compiled the whole story of how the humans had been created already… I knew exactly what they meant and to what they referred to.

The story contained a tale of a dying home world seven stars away, space age technologies, and the mining of a distant planet… our Earth. For a 5,000 year old manuscript, the information in the story seemed very ahead of its time technologically, but it was exactly what I needed to bring everything together. When I had finished adding all of the new information, my novel was complete and I had a seamless account as to where we as humans came from, and what had happened to bring it all about.

My manuscript was unique in that it read like a science fiction novel, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the components that were crucial to my story could actually be found in the Bible. Only now these stories had a foundation in the realm of practical application… and that made me really happy.

The First Humans - Adamu and Lilitu

The First Humans – Adamu and Lilitu

For starters – the story of how God created the world in 7 days was contained in the story of how Enki had set up their earth base in 7 days. Another element was the classic story of Adam and Eve. In my story Adamu and Eve are black, and Eve had been created a replacement female to the first through a cloning process of the male. This was done by removing one of the human’s rib bones and utilizing the stem cells found within it.

Another element contains within MYTH that is in the Bible, is the story of the Apple of Knowledge. As we all know, apples don’t give you a heightened sense of awareness, but there are certain psychotropic plants that do, that actually bear a striking resemblance to an apple. I am referring to the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. In its young, unopened state it looks very much like a red apple. In my story, it is Lilith that gives Eve the mushroom and they then trick Adamu into eating it also.



Lord Enki finds out about the transgression and destroys a large section of the spaceport garden estate to prove a point. There’s a big trial and Adamu and Eve are fired from their caretaking jobs, and sent to the breeding camps of Nod to work on getting the Anunaki’s new mining workforce started.

In some biblical references, Lord Enki is referred to as Jehovah. The stories speak of how Jehovah took Lilith up to heaven to be his consort for a little while until he got tired of her. In my book MYTH, Lilith is raped by Adamu after a breakup, and she escapes to complain to Lord Enki. She in turn, ends up seducing the large lizard man – Lord Enki, and he removes her from the human experiment to be his personal consorts on board one of his orbiting refinement stations, high above the Earth.

Lilith has high ambitions of becoming an equal among the Anunaki and demands that Enki share his science with her. She realizes that they are more equal then she had come to believe. He finds her request to be annoying and a bit of a threat, so he has one of his guards take her and drop her off in the middle of a desert… to perish. With persistence and intelligence she survives her ordeal in the desert… just like Jesus from the Bible.

While writing this story I also discovered a number of human traditions that aren’t necessarily in the Bible but have come to be a standard expression of who we are as humans. I discovered how the dog quite possibly may have become man’s best friend, and the tradition of a man giving a woman a diamond when proposing his undying commitment to her was discovered as well.

The story of our origins has been a little warped over time to say the least. But, with new found access to information all over the world, we can now put together the pieces in a much brighter light. The results are without a doubt, very informative.

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The Face on Mars – A Ceremonial Tribute to an Exiled King


The Face on Mars – A Ceremonial Tribute to an Exiled King

by – Aaron Steiner

The face on Mars is a massive structure that was photographed on the surface of the distant planet by NASA and made popular in the 80’s and 90’s by a researcher by the name of Richard Hoagland.


The implications of the find were evidence enough to convince many people of other world presences and extra-terrestrial civilizations. The most amazing thing is though… that this structure is spoken of in 5,000 year old cuneiform manuscript portrayed in the modern book “The Lost Book of Enki” by Zecharia Sitchin.


In these ancient manuscripts, the purpose of this monument and its construction are documented in full detail!!!


That means that knowledge of this monument has been around for 5,000 years and many researchers still never made the connection… even though they are supposed to be “experts”.

In my book MYTH: The Origin of Man I was able to reiterate the storyline into a modern vernacular. The story basically goes like this – The Face on Mars is dedicated to an ex- King from the planet Rizq, the Anunaki home world in the star system Sirius B, who ultimately had been banished to Mars… Lord Alalu. This reptilian king had been usurped in a test of strength by a Royal heir on their home world, Lord Enki’s father – Anu, due to bad decisions concerning nuclear weapons leaving their atmosphere in peril.

Fleeing Rizq in fear of his life, Alalu stole a spacecraft and made his way to the seventh star of Sol – our Sun, to find Earth. He had been taught by the elders that Earth contained much gold and in a powdered state this gold could be used to heal the breach in their planets atmosphere. He did indeed find Earth and he sent a message back to Rizq for them to come and extract the gold they so desperately needed. In the end, the Rizqians came to Earth and established an outpost and spaceport were they would harvest much Earth gold.

One of Lord Alalu’s stipulations for sharing his discovery was that he would hold a significant role in the running of the Earth operations. It was when Lord Anu dispensed the positions of authority to only his sons that Lord Alalu challenged Anu to another test of strength where they wrestled and Alalu lost… again. His pride devastated, Alalu attacked the king when the match was over, breaking off one of the king’s horns and stabbing him near the groin with it, and then swallowing it.

Outraged, Lord Anu’s son Enlil wanted to kill Alalu on the spot, but Alalu received a trial and instead of execution, he was to be banished on the desolate planet of Mars where the King had already been planning to establish a weigh station and refinement center. One of the princes who was a close relative of Alalu… Anzu, volunteered to accompany the banished king for the glory of being recorded into their history books.

The two were dropped off on Mars on the Kings way home back to Rizq in a little air glider filled with some survival supplies. It wasn’t until the king, lord Anu’s daughter was on her way to Earth that any signal from Mars had been picked up. Her ship had detected a homing beacon with a Rizqian signature as they were passing the large red planet. They tracked the signal and landed their ship to find prince Anzu barely alive, laying in the dust.

The team was able to revive the young commander after much effort who then told them what had happened after they landed. He explained how Alalu died painfully from internal wounds inflicted by the large horn he had ingested. He then explained how he took his body and hid it in a cave inside a large rock structure. He then showed the team where he had entombed the ex-king’s body inside the cave.

The princess – Lady Ninmah was disturbed by how unceremoniously the ex-king remains had ended up. “Never before in the history of their world had a king been so unceremoniously enshrined… as just a pile of bones in the dirt.” She had the cave sealed and after her crew had unloaded the supplies for the new Martian outpost she instructed her pilot to carve, with lasers from their ship, Lord Alalu’s face into the Massive stone with his space helmet on, visor up. She wanted his image to forever look out at the planet he had brought them to, the planet that contained the gold that would ultimately be the salvation of their world.


What a story… am I right!!? It all makes perfect sense to me… and this is only a small example of the amazing things these old manuscript explain. There is also an account for the massive stone platform of Baalbek in the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon. That’s in there too, explaining the need for it and how it was constructed. These ancient clay tablets explain how the Anunaki used lasers to cut the stone from hillsides and of the vibrational sound devises used to levitate and move them into place.

So, in conclusion… it seems that the answers to who we are and where we came from are out there, we just need to know where to look for them!

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Anunaki Symbolism in Ancient and Modern Culture


Anunaki Symbolism in Ancient and Modern Culture

by Aaron Steiner

If you know where to look and what to look for, you can find reptilian Anunaki symbolism portrayed in many ancient artwork and much of our modern iconography. Although the general public may recognize these images as Anunaki, they have been placed in numerous elements of our daily lives. They are quite literally everywhere.EMS Symbol

The symbol of the winged caduceus would have to be one of the most common unrecognized Anunaki symbols within our culture. It has been adopted by the medical society and is also proudly displayed on the front of government buildings and a number of fancy hotels as well as most hospitals. It is the winged caduceus with the serpent winding up it. At the top of the image is a winged disk, an ancient symbol of the Anunaki home world. The two serpents winding up the shaft of the caduceus are meant to represent the reptilian Anunaki DNA that is found in the human design.


When the Anunaki would sometimes mate with a human, the mammalian gene would be dominate and the child is born looking human, much to the disappointment of the Anunaki. The hybrid human child of a dark skinned human parent, would be born fair skinned and occasionally have an extra digit, small horns and even a tail. These children were often granted the position of ruling the human masses.


The Symbol of the Fleur-de-lis is an ancient symbol that has long been utilized by French royalty. This unique symbol represents the lineage of the Anunaki bloodlines. It can be also be found incorporated into the Boy Scouts of America’s logo, displayed on churches, courthouses as well as many pieces of popular modern clothing.


The past if full of cultural iconography that is purely reptilian Anunaki imagery. The Mayans for instance utilized the image of the dragon in many of their important symbolism because they were well aware of the Anunaki and were even known to have direct relationships with them. The ancient Chinese emperors openly claimed lineage to dragons and have incorporated the image into a wealth of their art work.


There are many Anunaki icons incorporated into the artwork of modern businesses. The most accurate portrayals being found in the reptilian spokesmen for the beverage company Sobe’ and the insurance company Gieco… they are both lizard men. Starbuck’s Coffee utilizes a female Anunaki spokesperson for their logo, with their horned, reptilian fish Goddess image.


These are just a few of the most blatant Anunaki images in our daily lives and there are many more to be found. Our heritage has a rich and full account of extraterrestrial influence. The key to embracing it is knowing what to look for. So, take pride in your heritage and a little extra time once in a while to recognize the signs and symbols that are all around you that connect you to your past.






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Who Were the Gods


Who Were the Gods

 by Aaron Steiner

Throughout Mans history, most all cultures have had their versions of Gods and Deities in some form or another. In following the threads of history, it becomes apparent that the Gods of most all cultures were derived from the same basic characters that played a significant role in the design and creation of the human race.

These characters were known as the Anunaki by the oldest culture in our recorded history, the Sumerians, and it was this handful of advanced reptilian beings that many of the Gods throughout human history were derived… including a few of our own!

The Anunaki come from a planet known as Rizq, within the cradle orbit of the star Sirius B, in search of gold to save their world. In time, they ultimately created the human race to alleviate the harsh burdens of mining here on Earth.

The list of players is pretty basic… you have the King of Rizq – Lord Anu. His oldest son – Lord Ea or “Enki”, the younger brother Lord Enlil, their sister Lady Ninmah, Enki’s sons Ningishzida and Marduk, and Enlil’s son Ninutra.


Over time and the effects of the diversity of culture, these characters have all been given new names to fit the aesthetic of the time and place of their conceptualization. The list of who these beings have been within the many cultures of our past is an extensive one, so here is a basic outline…

The reptilian prince who masterminded the idea of a genetically designed alternative workforce was Lord Enki. He was second in command and has been known in human history as the Egyptian God Ptah, and in modern folklore he is known as the one they call YWHW… or Jehovah.

Enki’s sister Ninmah, whose ingenuity actually constructed the human design, has become known as a number of different creation goddesses throughout our history… the Virgin Mary being one of the most recent.

Lord Enki’s son Ningishzida, was the one who helped Enki and Ninmah design the humans, and he was known as Thoth in ancient Egypt. Enki’s other son Marduk was in charge of many of the Earth operations and he became known as Ra in the ancient Egyptian lore.

It was Enki’s younger brother Enlil who was in charge of the Earth operations of Edin, and has been known as Baal in the ancient Semitic culture. His father the king, Lord Anu – became known Zeus in ancient Greek mythology.

Because of simple fact that the Anunaki elite are large, horned, reptilian beings… throughout human history, they have also on occasion have been characterized as Demons and Devils as well as Gods.

Now and again, these large reptilian beings would mate with humans and the resulting child would usually be given a high ruling position within the human cultures. Many of the Chinese Emperors actually claimed their ancestral lineage to Dragons, and the Mayan High Priest were known to work directly with them.

Mayan High-Priests had a direct relationship with the Gods

It seems that much of our authentic ancestral heritage has been glossed over and redefined over time to suit the needs of the ruling class. I feel that we as a people have come to a place in our development where we are ready to accept our extraterrestrial lineage and reconnect with who we truly are and where we stand in the universe. We have a proud off-world heritage… and I feel that we as humans, are truly mature enough to embrace it.


The Creators of Humanity Mate With Their Own Creation

Lilith and her Anunaki Lover - Lucifer~

The Creators of Humanity Mate With Their Own Creation

by Aaron Steiner

It has now become quite apparent to me… that our human history has become a bit warped, through sources such as the Bible and other wholly books of a similar nature.

Although the writers of the Bible may have gleaned their information from the same 5,000 year old manuscripts I myself have to write the novel MYTH, not only did they not have the kind of access we have to information today… the story in the Bible seems to have been reinterpreted, time and time again to fit what the establishments at the time wanted people to know.

In truth, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the Biblical accounts of important events that happened in the very first seasons of our existence were actually represented. To that… hats off to you, Bible. But unfortunately most of the very important logistics of the story of human origins were either warped or omitted in the version people read today.

From what I’ve gathered… the human race is 26,000 years old, and the story in my novel is portrayed during this period and prior. Although this would come in to play much later in the story, White people themselves have only been around in mass for the last 5,000 years. The White Humans were the hybrid children of the Reptilian Anunaki that had sex with the Black People they had created as an alternative workforce… thoroughly possible, due to sharing so much similar DNA.

In following the procession, I’m assuming that the White Anunaki children who weren’t living here on Earth ruling the darker skinned people, were being sent to Mars to be raised in a kind of “Private School” environment. For many years, Mars had been a major part of The Anunaki gold refinement processing operations, so there were more than ample living facilities to accommodate the White Anunaki children.

It wasn’t until when the waters of the Great Flood had receded, 5,000 years ago (intentionally created with the use of Anunaki weather technology), that the White Anunaki hybrid children were sent to Earth. The highest plateau protruding from the receding waters was the Caucasus Mountains where they landed and settled. There, their Anunaki parents set up and established for them what would eventually come to be known as Sumer.

The society of Sumer was created for the Caucasians in full swing… complete with Agriculture, Government, Education, Comers, Law, Culinary, and I’m sure the list goes on. It was the 5,000 year old cuneiform text from this culture that the Bible gleaned much of its account, as well as most of all the other wholly books out there.

We Humans have a rich history that hasn’t necessarily been lost… it’s just been colorfully re-done and re-edited, so today… people will really need to re-examine it all in a modern light and accept what they find with an open mind.

In the classic words of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos – “I’m not sayin its Aliens… but its Aliens.”

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Amanita Muscaria – The Apple of Edin


Amanita Muscaria – The Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge

by Aaron Steiner

Why has western Culture contained the essence of all that is good and evil within the human psyche, all within the strangest of foods… an apple? It is supposed to be some kind of magical fruit that shares with the taker, the secrets of the Universe. Well, everyone knows… that apples aren’t magical, and they don’t give you special powers. More realistically, it is plants of a psychotropic nature that would tend to give one a heightened sensory perception of the world around them.

There is a psychotropic plant that does resemble a red apple and it has been recorded in ancient journals as “The Sacred Plant of Wisdom”. That plant is – the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. In its early state of opening, its round, red appearance very much resembles a red apple. That is probably why the apple had been chosen to represent this sacred fruit, in order to conceal the wisdom psychotropic plants can share with its user.

In the very earliest stage of our development within the laboratories of the Anunaki, there had been extensive measures taken to dampen the human energy field, due to the fact that the design was so advanced. The idea was to create a race of subservient worker beings… that were actually capable of reproducing on their own. Not a race of highly advanced beings with telekinetic abilities.

But creating a being developed enough to reproduce on its own, requires highly developed DNA… in the end, creating a highly developed creature. In order to utilize the design they needed, the Anunaki implemented blocks along the main energy meridian of the human body. These “gates” are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, and at the base of the spine.

Effectively running at 2% to 12% output, the new human design would be an effective workforce… capable of running the machines, but incapable of independent thought and critical thinking. It is the psychotropic plants that tend to undo the dampening that the Anunaki Science Team worked so hard to implement.

Ironically, the job the Anunaki assigned their new humans was to tend to the fields and stables, and prepare the tables within the Anunaki Palace of Eridu within the enclosed, Earth spaceport estate of Edin. The Anunaki had brought many unique plants and animals from their home world of Rizq, and among them were a variety of psychotropic plants. Adamu was to care for the livestock and it was Lilitu’s job to tend to the plants and she was told specifically NOT to partake in the “sacred” ones.

It was one day as she was tending these special plants and they “beckoned” her. She ate the magic mushrooms… and her whole perception of the world changed. It was this change that awakened her sense of ambition and personal empowerment, and it was the beginning of her escape from servitude.

She ended up seducing her Anunaki creator and was removed from the Human experiment, to be renamed as Lilith. She was to be replaced by a diluted female design, created specifically from the males stem cells found within the bone marrow of the only bone they could remove without damaging his anatomy… his rib bone.

The replacement female was named Eve and it was when Lilith returned to Edin to sneak cuttings from plants she had grown accustomed to, that she had happened upon her. Eve was in awe of what Lilith had become and she begged her to share how she had achieved her great personal prowess. That is when Lilith chose to share the forbidden fruit of knowledge with her.

They ultimately got caught by the Anunaki… and they got in big trouble. Lilith was tried for tampering with the human design, and banished from Edin… along with the Captain of the Guard who had fallen in love with her and let her in.

The story sounds so very familiar in today’s world doesn’t it, when the same school of thought has dominated the general public’s view of mind expanding plants, incarcerating people for their desire to become enlightened and enlighten others. It is no small coincidence… be assured.

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The Anunaki Spacecraft – Nibiru

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 8.51.43 PM

The Interstellar Spacecraft Nibiru – “Relentless Crosser of the Seas of Space”

   The Anunaki… Who were they, and where did they come from? Well, fortunately for us… the answer to this daunting question can be found inscribed in stone in the form of 5,000 year old Sumerian Cuneiform clay tablets. It was only until recently that the various triangular symbols were able to be deciphered, and one man stood above all the rest in this field – Zachariah Sitchen.

Sitchen’s work had been crucial in the structuring of my comprehensive account of Human origins, and I will always be forever grateful for his work and dedication. But along the way, there were elements of Sitchen’s relayed account that demanded a deeper analysis, due to the simple lack of plausibility within its detail… in comparison to the much more established and plausible elements within the larger story.

The story of where the Anunaki are from is a good example of where important details were inaccurately conveyed through Sitchen, either accidentally… or on purpose. His albeit amazing work portrays the Anunaki’s home world as “Nibiru” or “Planet X”, and he associates it with a precise 3,600 year elliptical orbit within our solar system . But this is not the case… planets just don’t work like that, but spacecraft do.

Nibiru was the first ship the Rizqians had sent on their mission to Earth, and it is more likely that the 3,600 year orbit of Nibiru is based solely on celestial trajectory for their other ships. Establishing the optimum time to launch from their home world of Rizq in Sirius B, allowed them to align properly with the Earth when they got here to transport their Earth gold.

In the ancient manuscripts these ships are referred to as “celestial chariots”. They are quite large, bell shaped, and golden… and they roar like a mountain. For me personally… it wasn’t hard to reiterate a definition that made no sense to me… it’s what I do! But, when I read the definition of Nibiru, I knew I was on the right track. “The Relentless Crosser of the Seas of Space”, it even sounds like the name of an old ship.

So, in your own personal search for answers and “truth”, be sure to remain open to new information so that it may redefine your observations toward the most plausible truth you can find.

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Human Beings – A Necessary Blend Of Prime DNA

We will call this new worker design "Human"

Human Beings – A Necessary Blend Of Prime DNA

by Aaron Steiner

   Growing up on planet Earth, it has always perplexed me on how much different Human Being were in comparison to every single form of animal life on the planet we share it with (if you could actually call it “sharing”). But, as of late… I’ve come to find that the reason humans seem so alien to this world… is because we had been scientifically created here by an outside alien force known as – the Anunaki, only some 26,000 years ago.

These creator beings can be traced to the planet Rizq – a planet within the cradle orbit of the tri-nary star Sirius B… a system located only seven suns away. They apparently came here to mine gold out of South Africa in order to save their planets atmospheres. No longer able to sustain a Rizqian workforce within their Earth operation, genetically designing a substitute workforce was to be the final solution.

Now, it is very likely that beings capable of interstellar travel would all be aware of a Universal type “Prime Directive” that entails the philosophy of – non interference in the natural development of indigenous life on other worlds… the reasons being that the results are most always invariably disastrous.

But, taking in the grave nature of their home world’s situation and its desperate need for gold… this philosophy was consciously abandoned by the Rizqian Command.

It was after a series of quite graphic and gruesome experiments, the Anunaki Science Team had ultimately come up an underground worker being that was a unique balance of their own reptilian DNA, and mammal genetics they obtained from the planets most evolved primate – Australopithecus. The being looked reptilian in appearance, but it had the mammalian benefits of being warm blooded.

This creature was known as Lulu and they effectively alleviated the hardships within the mines, until their life spans ran short… and they, like all of the other experiments before them, had unfortunately been incapable of reproduction. A substitute workforce was going to have to be designed once again… forcing them to delve even deeper into the slippery realm of natural violation.

How they had acquired the highly advanced, thought to be extinct, Lyrian DNA to add to their equation to come up with the Human design was a bit of a mystery to me at first. But then it had dawned on me that there were ancient pyramids on Mars… and they could have easily been the source of this rare and ancient DNA, because the Lyrians were known to have escaped to Mars eons ago while evading the Draco who were bent on destroying them.

As for us, it is most likely that, because the human creature has had its energy field so severely dampened… that its impact upon the natural Earth environment has been so devastating as of late. As advanced beings who were accessing our true nature, I am certain that Humans would have much less of a negative impact on the Earth and its natural inhabitants, and more of a positive one.

We Humans do have the ability of making sure our creation does not turn out invariably disastrous… even though we do seem to be a bit of a breach in this Universal Prime Directive. That is simply, because we… are a very special and unique creation. So, good work Anunaki Science Team… I have a lot of faith in the design. And… Thank You!!!

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The Creator of the Human Design. A Female Scientist Named – Ninmah

Ninmah with her new creation~

The Creator of the Human Design. A Female Scientist Named – Ninmah

by Aaron Steiner

   It has been understood by many that the Anunaki Prince – Lord Enki, had created mankind to produce a race of workers to ease the hardships of mining gold out of South Africa. But, did you know… that Enki was only the head of the team of three Anunaki scientists who were involved with the project.

The full team had consisted of Lord Enki, his sister Lady Ninmah… and his son Ningishzida. In truth, it was Enki’s sister – Lady Ninmah who was the chief engineer of the project, and it was her unique genetic design they had ultimately decided to utilize to create the Human race.

The female Anunaki – from the planet Rizq, in the cradle orbit of Sirius B… are said to be very bird like in their appearance… with large horns, while the men are portrayed as having more of a lizard like, reptilian appearance. The images of males are abundant within books and over the internet, but images of Anunaki females are almost non-existent.

It seems that it is only on entrance ways of certain cathedrals, and within the visionary reference of a select few that any images of the female Anunaki have been depicted. At the top of the front entry of the St. John’s Gothic Cathedral near my house there is a Lizardman statue on the upper left side, and a Birdlady on the right… and they seem very out of place. Although the male statue’s body appears to be presented in a very literal fashion, the female to its right is portrayed a little more symbolically, with its bird like body and cloaked bird head.

Another unsung hero of the team is Enki’s son Ningishzida… better known to many as – Thoth. He was a highly skilled member of the medical team and a key component in monitoring and caring for the many experiments that passed the tables of their Anunaki laboratories… even before the Humans had been created.

In the end, it was Ninmah’s ingenuity and skill that had created the Lulu worker… half mammal, half reptile. And it was her brilliance, that discovered and developed the purely mammalian, Human design. Her place has been lost within the annals of history… and it’s time to recognize… shout it out… and give her props. Bless you my Lady~

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The Spaceport Garden Estate of Edin


 Edin was a Spaceport – by Aaron Steiner

Nearly everyone has heard of the Bibles Garden of Eden… but did you know that it really existed? I was a little surprised myself to find that it was a real place, known as – Edin. When I realized that Edin was the main outpost established by the Anunaki here on Earth, it all began to make sense to me.

When the Anunaki originally came here from Rizq (a planet in the cradle orbit of Sirius B), they established an outpost in the Persian Gulf named Eridu, meaning – “Home in the Far Away”. It was after they chose to expand their outpost here on Earth, that their operation was enlarged and upscaled to an Edin, meaning – “Home of the Righteous Ones”.

The new Estate of Edin covered much more area and was also a massive, enclosed habitat as well as a spaceport. The Anunaki had then brought plants and animals of many varieties to Earth to facilitate a number of the maladies they had encountered by being stationed here on this alien world.

When the first humans were created… Adamu and Lilitu, they were given the task of maintaining the gardens of Edin and tending to the livestock. They were also given the task of tending to the dining tables within the great Palace of Eridu. The job title was cut short though, when a particular psychotropic mushroom entered the equation.

In the end the Humans were removed from the gardens of Edin and sent to a breeding camp called Nod, in South Africa/The Abzu. There the Anunaki bread the Humans to replace their genetically designed Lulu workforce (who were unfortunately incapable of breeding), that they had created earlier to mine the Abzu gold operations.

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Adamu’s Rib – The Origin of Eve

Black Eve

The Origin of Eve – by Aaron Steiner

Growing up, we always heard about the first people… Adam and Eve. The story goes that the woman Eve, was created (by God) from the man, using Adam’s rib.

This account has been told, and many have embraced it. There are those who have rejected this idea, simply because the details presented surrounding the event are usually to far fetch to be plausible. Personally, I always fell into the implausible category. But, ironically… the more I found out, the more the idea actually became plausible!

It was during the process of putting my book together “Myth: The Origin of Man” that I discovered a comprehensive chain of events that make the story thoroughly plausible… and here is how those events play out.

The Anunaki were highly intelligent reptilians that came here from Sirius B to mine gold. They were in need of an alternative workforce and, through a gruesome series of experiments, they had finally created a half reptilian, half mammalian worker named Lulu. Unfortunately, all their experiments were incapable of reproducing, including the Lulu. When their life expectancy ran much shorter than expected, they needed to be redesigned… again.

The science team added Lyrian DNA that had been discovered during excavations within the pyramids on Mars to the design, to create a purely mammalian creature that they called “Human”. These brown skinned humans were designed as a pair, specifically for the sake of reproducing a workforce. But, the team also realized they would have to take special steps to dampen the Human energy field, due to its highly advanced genetic componentry.

The two Humans were named Adamu and Lilitu and given the assigned task of managing the gardens and livestock of Edin, and preparing the dining tables within the Palace of Eridu. The couple’s relationship started to turn when Lilitu had gotten into a certain red psychotropic mushroom that had awakened her personal power.

The experience had given her a “connection” to the forest that allowed her to surpass Adamu tenfold in his harvest of its game at the end of their day of hunting. He was convinced she was playing a prank on him, mocking his prowess as a hunter. He did not appreciate it… angrily leaving her to take residence among a local pack of wolves that accepts him as one of the pack.

When told he must mate with his assigned female, he returns to Lilitu and forces himself on her. When he is asleep, she escapes to find the one in charge… her creator – Lord Enki. She complains of Adamu’s brutish behavior and realizes that Enki is much more of the type of man she is attracted to… so with very little effort, she seduces him.

Lord Enki removes Lilitu to be his Consort onboard his shutdown orbiting refinement station, high above the Earth, where she is renamed as – Lilith. The relationship is cut short when she professes her equality, even though she does eventually become considered an equal among the rest of the Anunaki elite.

Meanwhile, Adamu needs a replacement mate. After experimenting with a replica of Lilitu, for a number of reasons, it is deemed that she would not work out, so she was destroyed. Not only had Adamu rejected the new replacement, but they noticed an excessive amount of un-needed extra brain activity within the original female design.


They found that male Human was more apt to following directions and sticking to the task at hand, so the team decided to make the new replacement more like the male by cloning a female strait from his stem cells. They achieved this by removing the only bone from Adamu’s body that would not alter him physically… his rib bone, and then obtained the stem cells they needed from the bones marrow.


The new Human female was less muscular and more voluptuous. She had larger breasts, lips, buttocks and thighs, and Adamu eagerly accepted her as his new mate. There is a small detail though… before Lord Enki gave Adamu his new mate, he had sex with her and impregnated her with his seed. The child would be named Cain – The Hybrid Son.

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How Lilith Was Removed From the Human Experiment

Lilith makes it

How Lilith Was Removed From the Human Experiment – by Aaron Steiner

When the Anunaki had first created humans, they had created two creatures that were intended to mate and reproduce, to create a workforce for their mining operation down in South Africa – The Abzu.

They created a brown skinned male and a female that they named Adamu and Lilitu… but the Human design had needed to be dampened significantly. The science team of Enki, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzida were able to block the human energy fields output at three key points on the body. In doing so, the two humans were very co-operative in their assigned duties and they were given the task of maintaining the fields and livestock, and preparing the food tables within the palace of Eridu.

The estate of Edin was a massive, enclosed estate and spaceport… full of strange plant and animal life brought to Earth from the Anunaki’s home world of Rizq. Among the well manicured gardens of Edin were not only edible food and flower gardens, but gardens with psychotropic properties as well. It was Lilitu’s duty to maintain theses gardens while Adamu took care of the livestock.

While working in the gardens, she became curious about the difference between the special “sacred” mushrooms and the ones she normally would use to prepare food dishes. Curiosity had gotten the best of her and she consumed some mushrooms of the psychedelic variety. The drug opened her shut down energy centers and she saw a whole new way of looking at things. As she saw into the nature of the Universe, she had awakened her desire for personal empowerment.

She told Adamu about how her mind had been expanded, and he wanted nothing to do with it. She asked him to teach her how to hunt, and because of her new-found connection to the world, she surpassed his catch tenfold by the end of the day. He was furious and went to live with a pack of wolves that accepted him into their pack.  It wasn’t until later that he was told that he had to mate with Lilitu… no exceptions.

When he returned to their domicile, she was disgusted by him and he forced himself on her. When it was over, she escaped with tears in her eyes and ran to the palace of Eridu to tell Lord Enki what had happened. When he met with her, she realized that he was much more to her liking and she seduced him into taking her as his personal consort, to live aboard his shut down orbiting refinement station… high above the Earth.

For a brief time.. Lilith was Enki's consort aboard his abandoned orbiting refinement station.

There, the two had an intense but brief love affair. It all ended between them when she professed her equality… it was there that the two parted ways and Lilith began to associate with the other Anunaki hierarchy. They found her captivating in her sensuality and she was ultimately considered an equal among them.

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The story of Human origins~

Monumental Proof

Monumental Proof – by Aaron Steiner

Taking in the wealth of unexplained or mysterious monuments discovered by modern man, there are a few that stand out above the rest. It’s not that they are more spectacular, it’s more how they play an important role in validating the history of our past and our extraterrestrial creators, commonly known as the Anunaki.

Surely the most impressive of the monuments left behind by the Anunaki, is one that is not even here on Earth but some 35 million miles away on the planet Mars… the famous “Face on Mars”

1976 Face on Mars small

This monument was created by the royal Lady Ninmah after the Anunaki came to Earth from their home world of Rizq, located within the cradle orbit of Sirius B. It was lasered from stone to give ceremony to their ex-king Alalu, who had been exiled and eventually made his way to Earth to find the gold they needed to save Rizq’s failing atmosphere.

All be it, this monument is too far away to be a 100% completely credible piece of evidence of Anunaki presence, yet it is quite monumental. Closer to home, we have a structure that is also truly monumental and impossible to recreate using modern equipment… the structure under the Heliopilis in Lebanon – The Landing platform  of Baalbek.

The 5,000 year old Sumerian text that chronicle the memoirs of Enki depict in vivid detail how the site was designed to be a landing platform by Lord Enlil for large Rizqian spacecraft and explains the high-tech process of creating the massive structure as well. The tablets also tell of how Enki’s brother Enlil was in charge of the project, and why he had  chosen this particular site in the Cedar Mountains.


I had known about these monumental sites prior to writing my book – Myth: The Origin of Man, but I had no idea how they tied into the story of our creation until I started following the threads of information that made it possible to come up with a comprehensive story line.  The things left behind by our creators become so much more exciting once one knows why they were created in the first place.

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The story of Human origins~

The “Great Dampening” of the Human Design


The “Great Dampening” of the Human Design – by Aaron Steiner

You may have heard that we Humans use only 2% to 12% of our brains output. Well… how can this be..?!  you may ask. It seems like a pretty strange concept when, while looking out of our brains, it certainly feels like we are 100% aware and using all of our brains ability, at all times.

But alas, we are not utilizing a very large portion of our physical brains potential… and there is a reason why. It’s because our advanced organic design was only initially created for physical labor, and that the higher functions that accompany such advanced organism such as ourselves were effectively “dampened” by the Genetic Engineers who created us – the Anunaki royal scientist team, consisting of Lord Enki, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzida.

The team had already spent extensive efforts creating a primitive worker to replace their own mining force here on Earth some 25,000 years ago. But, this half mammal, half reptilian “Lulu” worker turned out to be ineffective in that it’s life expectancy ran shorter than expected and it was incapable of reproduction.

It was the advanced DNA from an ancient species known as the Lyrians, discovered within the excavated ancient pyramids on Mars that had been the team’s saving grace. When combined with the DNA of their Lulu worker, the team had created the very first male and female “Humans”. But when they tested their brains output levels, they were off the charts. With this very old Lyrian DNA, they had created a highly advanced physical being, with highly advanced psychokinetic abilities as well.

The Anunaki scientist knew that a being of this nature would ultimately become powerful… and very dangerous. The beings would have to be destroyed, or, as not to waste a wonderful opportunity… simply altered.

The Buddhist monks of the Himalaya Mountains teach their disciples of how “the Gods” placed three gates upon our central meridian/energy channel. And that is precisely what Lord Enki’s team did. The gates are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades and at the base of the spine.

Monks are taught to meditate on the gated in order to open them. In doing so, they experience more powerful visions and are able to display act of an almost supernatural nature. Anyone who is aware of these gates can work on opening them as well. But, as with all things… knowing about them is only half the battle.

The discipline required to focus on these energy centers is usually more than most people can endure when immersed in environments rife with distraction and the wide variety of dampening agents that have been ingrained into many of our societies. Find a moment each day to focus on these blocked energy centers, and you will be that much closer to higher brain function.

The dampening agents will be placed at three points along their main energy channel.

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The story of Human origins~

World Peace Project

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World Peace Project – by Aaron Steiner

The thought of World Peace… for many, has probably been at the top of their wish list, if they were ever given three wishes. Unfortunately this goal, under current circumstances, many seem like it is beyond reach and completely unattainable.

I can assure you that this goal of World Peace IS attainable. But it is a slow… transformative process that is going to have to take place at the core of our very being. And, it will HAVE to address issues revolving around the beginning of the human phenomena. It will be the establishing of common ground and a full understanding of our human origins that will unite the masses to bring about a global harmony.

Although culture is a very special process, unique to many individual groups… it is culture that divides us all. At some point, all cultures will have to merge into one single human culture. There will be many who will cling to the past, expressing their pride toward the style, or “culture” in which they were brought up. To honor these cultures of our past, there could be special days set aside to emulate them.

In today computer era, we have access to more information than ever before in publicly recorded human history. It was this access, and an open mind that allowed me to form a comprehensive account of our human origins, and the many events surrounding it. In my novel “Myth: The Origin of Man”, so many of the issues still effecting our behavior that have been buried in the past are brought to light.

Former US President, Ronald Regan had once mentioned to Congress that it would take an invasion from outer space to unite the world, but this eminent “invasion” may not occur in a hostile manner, if ever for that matter. More realistically… this “alien invasion” will be of a literary nature… designed to inform us of our ancestral heritage and unite the human race.

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The Puzzle Called Life


A big piece of the puzzle called Life has just been found! MYTH: The Origin of Man by Aaron Steiner is like a set of Dead Sea Scrolls full of information about our past. There is a reason why we all act the way we do. There is a reason the stories, the “MYTH’s” we have heard since childhood are so resonate in our memories. The things we are told about how we got here and why we are here are usually tales to wild to ever be imagined. However, MYTH takes this all to a new level. The book is laid out in an easy to digest format that comes across as a story . . . not a thesis. It is represented as fact, based on ancient knowledge.

This book is for students of life, people with unanswered questions about who they are and why they are here. I would highly recommend this book to all people of the Earth.

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Creationists and Evolutionists Unite


As long as I can remember.. the answers to who we are as a species have always been dominated by two camps – The Evolutionists and the Creationists.

Each group has their answers readily available to anyone who chooses to observe them.. The Evolutionists say that we were evolved over time from a species of monkey. Sound reasoning, if you choose to ignore the missing pieces to the story.

The Creationist have a more instantaneous explanation.. incorporating human origins with the beginning of “everything” in existence. In my opinion, not quite as sound.. but it does hold some valid elements within the story line they ultimately present.

Well.. fortunately for both groups, when it all boils down.. they were both right!

The ancient texts of old utilized in Biblical references, were interpreted in a day when the higher sciences they describe were inconceivable.. some 2,000 years ago. Today, it has even been a bit of a challenge to get an accurate translation for interpretation. With tools such as the internet though, we do have a much broader access to information, making a comprehensive account much more available.

It will be the full story of the alien race known as the Anunaki, and how they created Man that unite these two opposing schools of thought. And, it will be MYTH: The Origin of Man – by Aaron Steiner that will bring this tale to the masses~

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The Anunaki High Council Demonize Lilith and Lucifer

Lilith and her Anunaki Lover - Lucifer~

Lilith and her Anunaki Lover – Lucifer~

The Anunaki High Council Demonize Lilith and Lucifer – by Aaron steiner

Although Lilith was originally to be the mother of a specially designed workforce, she was removed from the experiment early on to become a consort to the Anunaki Prince and Commander – Ea/Enki.. her scientist creator. Enki would not share the secrets of his technologies because he did not care to have her awaken her true potential.

When the Captain of the Anunaki guard – Lucifer was told by Enki to keep her out of the spaceport and botanical estate of Edin, he found her to be quite captivating and professed his undying loyalty to her. He also gave to her a gift of power.

Upon Lilith return to the estate of Edin, Lucifer allows her to enter, as she needs some of the off-world plant cuttings for her garden of Dihanu’. She morphs into a large Boa constrictor to avoid detection, but returns to her human form when she happens upon Eve. Because Eve is enamored by her empowerment, Lilith shares her spiritual awakener, a red capped psychotropic mushroom named Amenita muscaria.

When Enki discovers that his favorite cousin, the captain of his guard has pledged his love to Lilith and that she has tampered with his human experiment, he absolutely is furious. To prove a point, before their very eyes, he destroys much of Edin with a kinetic blast that consumes everything in its wake in a massive ball of flame.

In light of his decision to burn his spaceport to the ground to prove a point, he declares that Lilith, Lucifer, Adamu and Eve will all face a dark future due to the repercussions of their actions. They all had to stand trial for what had happened.. Enki included. Among Enki’s decrees of prophesy that were “aloud” to manifest.. was that in time, Lilith and Lucifer would become known to the human race a vessels of wrath. That we humans would be taught a lie about who these people actually were and their role in our true history.


And it’s true.. the prophecies have been played out just as they were intended by the Anunaki High Council. We have grown up being taught that this mysterious Lilith woman is a Demon, and that Lucifer is the Devil. It’s now time for humanity to know the truth about the influences in our early development. At this point.. it’s imperative.

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The story of Human origins~


The Anunaki Gave Us Human Culture

Within the trinary star system of Sirius, the Anunaki depart their home world of Rizq to embark on a dangerous mission to Earth~

Unbeknownst to many… much of our Human Culture was given to a number of civilizations as part of a pre-developed society that the Anunaki had established specifically for them. There are many records of whole societies that were started in full development, only to deteriorate over time. A good example would be ancient Sumeria and Egypt.

These cultures were given all the componentry they would need to be successful ingrained into their very beginnings. They were given whole systems of Government, Agriculture, Education, Municipal Law, and Medical. Many of these traditional constructs are still in place today within our current societies.

So, we as humans are simply following the cultural beliefs and traditions of our creator race, the Anunaki. The word Anunaki itself simply means – Those Who Came to Earth. They are in all actuality from the trinary Star System of Sirius.. Sirius B. The name of their home world is Rizq.

In conclusion, much of what we take for granite as human tradition is Riziqian tradition.. a world Seven Stars away.


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Who Were the Gods

Mayan High-Priests had a direct relationship with the Gods

Mayan High-Priests had a direct relationship with the Gods

Through a long process of selective amnesia, abetted by a secretive and self-perpetuating priesthood, Mankind has succeeded in denying all knowledge of his saurian ancestry.
It’s a sad story..

The real story is and always has been, etched in Sumerian stone tablets that have managed to survive the ravages of 5,000 years. It is a story of a race of reptilian beings that came her many years ago to mine gold from our world to save their own. It describes how they came here and the experiences along the way. These tablets also document the “Anunaki” activity when they got to Earth and the obstacles they faced along the way.

It is the Anunaki – Those Who Came to Earth, who were the Gods of old. They came from the planet of Rizq, revolving around the trinary sun of Sirius B.. seven stars away. It was after a series of medical trial and error that they created the human race, to facilitate a need to create a viable, substitute workforce to their own. There is much more to our story.. as well as theirs.

Do you think we will ever acknowledge these beings as “Gods” or “Goddesses” again? It seems that in a way.. they have become very “alien” to us. This seemed to be the case, until now.. now the full story has been documented and is available within MYTH.

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Painting With Words


Back in 04’ I decided to go finally to college after a 20 year summer vacation from when I had  graduated high school, and I signed up for a 2.5 year degree in Fine Arts at Spokane Falls Community College. I had been working as a silversmith and wanted to refine my skills.

The obtainment of a Fine Arts Degree is an unusual and eclectic journey into working with a wide variety of mediums . . . such as paint, charcoal, ceramics, found objects, bronze and silver, steel, wax, tape, wood, and the list goes on. There were a couple of required classes that involved a bit of writing, but not very many.

In the end some of my most striking work was a series of life size mannequins I had constructed from packing tape molds I had made off my various friends. They were so aesthetically correct that they were and still are constantly fooling people into thinking they are real people. It is a wonderful feeling as an artist.

Regardless of the success of my mannequins, my focus seemed to lean more toward an idea I had been playing with during much of my time spent at college. An underlying theme seemed to be emerging in my work that began while I was taking a class called “Non-Western Art”. In this class we studied world art and mythologies, and it was here that I had come to the realization that our Western culture was devoid of many of the mythologies present in the rest of the world.

After some thought, it dawned on me that as a non-superstitious culture we would need a very literal mythology concerning our past. It was then that I decided to pursue this monumental endeavor and proceeded to make artwork that reflected the storyline of who we are, and where we came from. Some of my professors did not understand my obsession, but I did not let it detour me.

After I graduated, instead of creating physical artwork, I started to solidify my storyline and began writing MYTH as a screenplay. As my work evolved, I realized that I had created an entire universe out of letters that I simply put on a page. My words became the paint as the page became my canvass. Having taken no in-depth writing classes in my past, I had no idea how magnificent painting with words could truly be. It was if I had been transported to another world, and my words were the perfect devise to record the events I had witnessed there. They became a rich and colorful tapestry.

As I write my second installment of MYTH, I can’t fully express the joy and exhilaration I feel being able to spend more time with characters that I have come to know and love, as I watch its tapestry unfold. I get to travel to the past and hang out with Anunaki Royalty!

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Paving the Way

Paving the Way: A Tribute – by Aaron Steiner


Growing up in a society where it’s a mystery as to where we as humans come from can often be quite perplexing for a young mind to grasp. The common answer to this ominous question has always either been the religious explanation that God had simply created us . . . and the evolutionist’s explanation that we had evolved from apes.

Personally, while growing up I was given the opportunity to choose for myself what I wanted to believe, so I was always leaning toward the evolutionist’s version of how we came to be. But even that didn’t seem to quite make sense to me. There seemed to be a missing link, so I simply stopped putting much thought into the question . . . even though deep down inside, it still seemed important to me.

As I grew older, I found myself seeking a higher knowledge . . . one that hadn’t been taught in schools. At the age of 24 had an awakening of sorts and soon found myself living in Hawaii where I gained access to all sorts of wonderful information about my energy and the energy of the world around us. There were many used book stores on Oahu and I bought copies on as many relevant topics as I could find.

It wasn’t until I came across a book called “Flying Serpents and Dragons” by Robert Boulay, that I really started to get a clear picture of what was really going on, and it concerned reptilian beings from another planet. . . and it was solely in relation to how we came to be as a species. It was then that many of the books I had been attracted to earlier began to make a lot more sense. Authors like Eric Von Daniken who wrote “Chariots of the Gods”, and Zacharia Sitchen’s – “The 12th Planet”, became the main focus of my studies.

And then . . . I discovered a very unique author named David Icke. David’s work seemed to fill in the gaps to what I understood and it was then that I found out much more about these reptilian beings known as the Anunnaki. His work was unbiased and he didn’t seem afraid to share the information he had uncovered. He quickly became my favorite author for a time when I needed him most.

With an understanding of the reptilian nature of the Anunaki, the Sumerian tablets that Zacharia Sitchen had deciphered came into a whole new light for me. When I combined the Sumerian text with the stories preserved in the ancient Lilith cults, I was able to see a very clear picture as to where we came from as well as many of the details of what had happened between “us and “them”.

Surprisingly . . . many of the details, although highly distorted, were preserved within many of the religious texts throughout the world. This is so because much our information was most likely gleaned from the same source, the ancient Sumerian texts. But, due to a lack of technology within these cultures of the past, much of the account had been misinterpreted.

Thanks to authors like Robert Boulay, Zacaria Sitchen, Eric Von Daniken, and David Icke, a path to understanding the history of who we are and where we came from can be taken without getting lost along the way. And for this, I would personally like to say – “Thank You!”

The Decline of World Mythology


The Decline of World Mythology – by Aaron Steiner

In today’s Western culture the word “Myth” has lost its true meaning and sub-sequentially, its true power to give people what it was originally designed to provide . . . answers to who we are as a species, and the particular events that strongly influenced us in our early development.

The word “Myth” has become synonymous with the word “misconception”, or “not true“. The travesty surrounding this word has evolved to this simply because of the misconception surrounding the mythology of our origins and early history. It is factors such as these that has allowed our true history to become muddled and distorted, not only in our Western culture, but in many others as well.

Myths are not to be confused with other similar types of stories, such as legends, sagas, and folktales. The book “Mythology For Dummies” defines the word “Myth” as – “Myths are stories about gods and goddesses and supernatural entities and human relationships with them.”

Such authors as Joseph Campbell point out how empowering the wealth of symbolism presented within the various world mythologies can be for people, according to their own personal interpretation of them. At times these Myths can often provide a sense of fulfillment and sometimes even a spiritual awakening within one’s mind.

The problem that arises in any symbolic account is that actual history becomes negated by ones “feeling” of enlightenment in the present moment. Any historical account becomes lost or muddled, and a true understanding of who we are as physical being’s, how we came to be and what may have happened to us in our early development . . . becomes rather displaced in the process.

A true myth would be devoid of symbolism, and present a straight forward account of these relationships that the early humans had with the gods. It would also have to clearly define who these gods were. Without this understanding, any symbolic account would be subject to a vast multitude of diverse interpretation. It is this diversity in itself that causes the many barriers between our world cultures and various religions . . . and one of the main causes of current global decimation and a history of warfare.

A true myth would provide a common account of our human origins and eliminate barriers caused by any perceived diversity. In my new book MYTH: The Origin of Man I try to provide a clear and unbiased account of our human origins. It is in this approach, that I was ultimately able to decipher a clear and comprehensive story line of our relationships with whom our oldest history say were our creators – the Off World Beings known as the Anunaki.




Myth tells the “how and why” of human origins.

Reflecting the true definition of the word myth, the story addresses issues that arise between the first humans and their extraterrestrial reptilian creators, the Anunaki. Coming to ancient Earth from the star system of Sirius B to obtain gold and other natural resources, the Anunaki establish an outpost and spaceport named Edin. This outpost is also a massive enclosed habitat that contains off-world plants of many varieties. When a disgruntled mining force rebels, a decision to create a workforce is made.

By mixing their own DNA with the native monkey-man, the Anunaki gestate a small, half-mammal, half-reptilian worker named the Lulu. The Lulu are an effective workforce until their lifespan runs out, being incapable of reproducing on their own. Recreating their Lulu workforce is deemed tedious, so a decision is made to add DNA from the star system of Lyra, resulting in the human race.

Removed from the human experiment early on, the first female, Lilith, seeks out personal empowerment while ultimately becoming considered an equal among the Anunaki elite. Thus begins the tale of Myth. About the Author: Aaron Steiner is an artist/jeweler from the Pacific Northwest who set out to write Myth when it became apparent to him that Western culture was devoid of human origin mythology. He realized that this was true basically because people from the West are a very literal culture, so they would need a literal account of their origins. Myth sets out to provide that literal account. Publisher’s Website: Author’s Website: