The Next Book – MYTH 2


The Next Book – MYTH 2

By Aaron Steiner

I’ve often said that writing MYTH has been a lot like following a small thread through the dark and seeing where it leads you. It is truly amazing to me to have discovered so many small yet extremely important details to the story of where we come from by simply sitting down and putting it all together. My first book MYTH: The Origin of Man chronicles the who, the why and the how of the many circumstances that brought about the highly advanced science experiments that ultimately lead to our creation.


I had been studying the many mysteries our human existence and its powerful hidden potential, but in all cases, the answers I was looking for were always only presented to me in segments and tidbits. I longed for answers… real answers. It seemed the only alternative available to me was take all the tidbits I did obtain from my studies, and write up a book of my own creation.

Once I had the relevant componentry in place, was when all the plausibly obvious elements started coming to light and I began to discover important answers that I wasn’t able to read about in the many books I had researched in the past. The foundation of the story line of MYTH leaves way to a series of phenomenal events from our past that we today can only experience as segmented fiction.

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With this comprehensive foundation established and all the important details in place, the events that stem from them are mind blowing to me in that there is such an enormous wealth of familiar elements that we have been raised to believe are creatures and events of pure fantasy. Well… I’m here to tell you they are not. For example, the races of the Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Trolls and even Vampires… were and are, all real. They were, for the most part, results of the Anunaki breeding with humans to create hybrid children or to purposefully develop a new worker being.

Amazingly, the origin of these perceived as fantasy races is amazingly what the thread that I have been following has lead me to. And the order of these events have once again proven to disclose so many previously unrealized elements that tie everything that I’ve studied, heard about and been exposed to, all together. There are things that happen in the story, that many of us have heard about already… but having the back story to set it all up and explain how it all came about, is absolutely priceless when it comes to ending up in the right place to continue moving forward in the story.


The synchronization of the events of the past is so very crucial when writing about it, in that the many details of our history need to be set up properly so that all the detail from our historical story line that is available to work with can be utilized effectively (even though they almost always lack one important element or another). As the drama of our human history unfolds for me, so do the many layers of its detail. It’s a very exciting process!

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