Monumental Proof

Monumental Proof – by Aaron Steiner

Taking in the wealth of unexplained or mysterious monuments discovered by modern man, there are a few that stand out above the rest. It’s not that they are more spectacular, it’s more how they play an important role in validating the history of our past and our extraterrestrial creators, commonly known as the Anunaki.

Surely the most impressive of the monuments left behind by the Anunaki, is one that is not even here on Earth but some 35 million miles away on the planet Mars… the famous “Face on Mars”

1976 Face on Mars small

This monument was created by the royal Lady Ninmah after the Anunaki came to Earth from their home world of Rizq, located within the cradle orbit of Sirius B. It was lasered from stone to give ceremony to their ex-king Alalu, who had been exiled and eventually made his way to Earth to find the gold they needed to save Rizq’s failing atmosphere.

All be it, this monument is too far away to be a 100% completely credible piece of evidence of Anunaki presence, yet it is quite monumental. Closer to home, we have a structure that is also truly monumental and impossible to recreate using modern equipment… the structure under the Heliopilis in Lebanon – The Landing platform  of Baalbek.

The 5,000 year old Sumerian text that chronicle the memoirs of Enki depict in vivid detail how the site was designed to be a landing platform by Lord Enlil for large Rizqian spacecraft and explains the high-tech process of creating the massive structure as well. The tablets also tell of how Enki’s brother Enlil was in charge of the project, and why he had  chosen this particular site in the Cedar Mountains.


I had known about these monumental sites prior to writing my book – Myth: The Origin of Man, but I had no idea how they tied into the story of our creation until I started following the threads of information that made it possible to come up with a comprehensive story line.  The things left behind by our creators become so much more exciting once one knows why they were created in the first place.

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