Amanita Muscaria – The Apple of Edin


Amanita Muscaria – The Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge

by Aaron Steiner

Why has western Culture contained the essence of all that is good and evil within the human psyche, all within the strangest of foods… an apple? It is supposed to be some kind of magical fruit that shares with the taker, the secrets of the Universe. Well, everyone knows… that apples aren’t magical, and they don’t give you special powers. More realistically, it is plants of a psychotropic nature that would tend to give one a heightened sensory perception of the world around them.

There is a psychotropic plant that does resemble a red apple and it has been recorded in ancient journals as “The Sacred Plant of Wisdom”. That plant is – the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. In its early state of opening, its round, red appearance very much resembles a red apple. That is probably why the apple had been chosen to represent this sacred fruit, in order to conceal the wisdom psychotropic plants can share with its user.

In the very earliest stage of our development within the laboratories of the Anunaki, there had been extensive measures taken to dampen the human energy field, due to the fact that the design was so advanced. The idea was to create a race of subservient worker beings… that were actually capable of reproducing on their own. Not a race of highly advanced beings with telekinetic abilities.

But creating a being developed enough to reproduce on its own, requires highly developed DNA… in the end, creating a highly developed creature. In order to utilize the design they needed, the Anunaki implemented blocks along the main energy meridian of the human body. These “gates” are located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, and at the base of the spine.

Effectively running at 2% to 12% output, the new human design would be an effective workforce… capable of running the machines, but incapable of independent thought and critical thinking. It is the psychotropic plants that tend to undo the dampening that the Anunaki Science Team worked so hard to implement.

Ironically, the job the Anunaki assigned their new humans was to tend to the fields and stables, and prepare the tables within the Anunaki Palace of Eridu within the enclosed, Earth spaceport estate of Edin. The Anunaki had brought many unique plants and animals from their home world of Rizq, and among them were a variety of psychotropic plants. Adamu was to care for the livestock and it was Lilitu’s job to tend to the plants and she was told specifically NOT to partake in the “sacred” ones.

It was one day as she was tending these special plants and they “beckoned” her. She ate the magic mushrooms… and her whole perception of the world changed. It was this change that awakened her sense of ambition and personal empowerment, and it was the beginning of her escape from servitude.

She ended up seducing her Anunaki creator and was removed from the Human experiment, to be renamed as Lilith. She was to be replaced by a diluted female design, created specifically from the males stem cells found within the bone marrow of the only bone they could remove without damaging his anatomy… his rib bone.

The replacement female was named Eve and it was when Lilith returned to Edin to sneak cuttings from plants she had grown accustomed to, that she had happened upon her. Eve was in awe of what Lilith had become and she begged her to share how she had achieved her great personal prowess. That is when Lilith chose to share the forbidden fruit of knowledge with her.

They ultimately got caught by the Anunaki… and they got in big trouble. Lilith was tried for tampering with the human design, and banished from Edin… along with the Captain of the Guard who had fallen in love with her and let her in.

The story sounds so very familiar in today’s world doesn’t it, when the same school of thought has dominated the general public’s view of mind expanding plants, incarcerating people for their desire to become enlightened and enlighten others. It is no small coincidence… be assured.

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