Eye Have a Dream


Eye Have a Dream – by Aaron Steiner

If you had one wish… what would it be?

Although this may be just a hypothetical question asked by one self to one self, it does have a certain universal appeal. It is the kind of important question you may be asked by someone like the president, or a judge at an important contest of some kind. And it seems that there is a powerful constant that rings through most people’s answer… that common answer would truly have be – “World Peace”.

Most everyone with a feel for the bigger picture of our world today has longed for some type of world peace somewhere deep within their being. But, sadly to say, most of us feel like the idea of world peace is so huge and I as an individual am so small, that the execution of this really good plan seems pretty much impossible. Well, I’m here to tell you… there IS a way!

It is the things dividing us that generate and perpetuate any and all kind of global diversity. Much of that division is derived from an inconsistent view or understanding of who we are as a species and how we got here. It is in this, that we get the many number of colorful interpretations of this, single common account. These… these many interpretations, are the multifaceted interpretations over the years that have spawned the many world religions that we all know and love today (even the ones we don’t!).

It would seem that the logical course of events in a modern age would be to boil it all back down to its original interpretation. In this, we find a familiar storyline that is thoroughly accounted for throughout, and comprehensive enough to provide a common account human origins story that would in turn be effectively embraced by every culture across the globe… thereby uniting the human family under a common understanding of our true human history.


An understood account of the science of our creation would effectively bridge the gap between church and state. The incredible details would be able to be freely taught in schools… as well as churches, who surprisingly have more of these fantastic details intact within their multitude of storylines then the common man would have or could have ever imagined. With a common account understanding of who we are and where we came from in place, it seems that the human race would naturally align with its new understanding of what everybody pretty much… already knew anyways.

So, if you find the story of our beginnings and the dramas that ensued a little strange… consider how familiar so much of it is as well. The many details of the account will all start to fall in to place in time, I assure you! It’s much like connect the dots, when they are all connected a clear image of the bigger picture is revealed. There is much satisfaction in a clear picture of such influential details of our past. And when it is clear enough for the whole of humanity to embrace it, the only thing you have left is a certain unity derived from the simple act of knowing.

the door

My book, MYTH: The Origin of Man has embraced the tales our creator races need to come to Earth, and their eventual need to create us. The facinating tale has been taken from pure historical accounts that are as old as 5,000 years, much consisting of a very high tech element that our current science seems to have only recently caught up with… almost. The story is old, but the comprehensive account is new… some time here in the very near future, the human race will catch up with its distant past! And what a happy day that will be… eye have a dream.