Anunaki Technology – Catching Up With Lost Science


Anunaki Technology – Catching Up With Lost Science

by Aaron Steiner

While researching the account of our Human origins, I was hardly surprised to discover a silicon quartz based technology used by the Anunaki to run all of their technologies. The range of these technologies being quite broad, they were all programed into quartz crystals know by the ancient Sumerians as – Mae Stones. And these crystal stones were housed in trays… or “tablets”.


It’s amazing to me that records of such advanced technologies could be sitting under our very noses for the last 5,000 years, yet most people believe that we are only now being exposed to such advancements in science as computer technology. It was computer technology that aided our very creation in the first place! To write of such advanced science would often place the subject within the category of science fiction. But, what if these advanced sciences aren’t fictional at all… as a matter of fact, they are documented quite vividly within the records of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets.

The Sumerian Tablets - the Anunnaki

The tablets tell quite clearly of great sciences, all run by the Mae stone crystals. The quartz computer stones ran the functions of such things as… the multitude of technical operations within their interplanetary spacecraft, the operations of their spaceports and their mining systems. They ran medical operations as well as security and agriculture systems. They also used the Mae stone technology for their long distance communications to their home world of Rizq, within the star system of Sirius B.


These topics, retold… embrace a history that has not been so much lost as it has become considered so fantastic, that what was once defined as a term for history recorded and preserved… Mythology, is now synonymous with the term “misconception”. And this is simply because these ancient historical accounts are so technologically advanced that with what we’ve been taught in school… these stories could never be real. The Gods and Goddesses of Mythology, for the most part were the Anunaki scientists who were directly involved with our creation within their science laboratories.


So, I’ve decided to coin a new genre… instead of falling into the category of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), my work will fall under the newly discovered arena of Science Non Fiction… or, Sci-Ni Fi. In this the term “Myth” will regain its original meaning in that it is simply a story involving humans interacting with Godlike or “Supernatural” beings… our alien creators, the Anunaki.


As we evolve and the world becomes hungry for truth… tidbits of the history that we do have access to, will all point the way to a simple understanding of who we are and where we came from as an alien species to this planet. Maybe in doing so, we can figure out a way to live in harmony with this world and the many plants and animals that we share it with. Let’s all hope it happens sooner than later.

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