Who Were the Gods

Mayan High-Priests had a direct relationship with the Gods

Mayan High-Priests had a direct relationship with the Gods

Through a long process of selective amnesia, abetted by a secretive and self-perpetuating priesthood, Mankind has succeeded in denying all knowledge of his saurian ancestry.
It’s a sad story..

The real story is and always has been, etched in Sumerian stone tablets that have managed to survive the ravages of 5,000 years. It is a story of a race of reptilian beings that came her many years ago to mine gold from our world to save their own. It describes how they came here and the experiences along the way. These tablets also document the “Anunaki” activity when they got to Earth and the obstacles they faced along the way.

It is the Anunaki – Those Who Came to Earth, who were the Gods of old. They came from the planet of Rizq, revolving around the trinary sun of Sirius B.. seven stars away. It was after a series of medical trial and error that they created the human race, to facilitate a need to create a viable, substitute workforce to their own. There is much more to our story.. as well as theirs.

Do you think we will ever acknowledge these beings as “Gods” or “Goddesses” again? It seems that in a way.. they have become very “alien” to us. This seemed to be the case, until now.. now the full story has been documented and is available within MYTH.

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