The Anunaki Gave Us Human Culture

Within the trinary star system of Sirius, the Anunaki depart their home world of Rizq to embark on a dangerous mission to Earth~

Unbeknownst to many… much of our Human Culture was given to a number of civilizations as part of a pre-developed society that the Anunaki had established specifically for them. There are many records of whole societies that were started in full development, only to deteriorate over time. A good example would be ancient Sumeria and Egypt.

These cultures were given all the componentry they would need to be successful ingrained into their very beginnings. They were given whole systems of Government, Agriculture, Education, Municipal Law, and Medical. Many of these traditional constructs are still in place today within our current societies.

So, we as humans are simply following the cultural beliefs and traditions of our creator race, the Anunaki. The word Anunaki itself simply means – Those Who Came to Earth. They are in all actuality from the trinary Star System of Sirius.. Sirius B. The name of their home world is Rizq.

In conclusion, much of what we take for granite as human tradition is Riziqian tradition.. a world Seven Stars away.


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