The Anunaki High Council Demonize Lilith and Lucifer

Lilith and her Anunaki Lover - Lucifer~

Lilith and her Anunaki Lover – Lucifer~

The Anunaki High Council Demonize Lilith and Lucifer – by Aaron steiner

Although Lilith was originally to be the mother of a specially designed workforce, she was removed from the experiment early on to become a consort to the Anunaki Prince and Commander – Ea/Enki.. her scientist creator. Enki would not share the secrets of his technologies because he did not care to have her awaken her true potential.

When the Captain of the Anunaki guard – Lucifer was told by Enki to keep her out of the spaceport and botanical estate of Edin, he found her to be quite captivating and professed his undying loyalty to her. He also gave to her a gift of power.

Upon Lilith return to the estate of Edin, Lucifer allows her to enter, as she needs some of the off-world plant cuttings for her garden of Dihanu’. She morphs into a large Boa constrictor to avoid detection, but returns to her human form when she happens upon Eve. Because Eve is enamored by her empowerment, Lilith shares her spiritual awakener, a red capped psychotropic mushroom named Amenita muscaria.

When Enki discovers that his favorite cousin, the captain of his guard has pledged his love to Lilith and that she has tampered with his human experiment, he absolutely is furious. To prove a point, before their very eyes, he destroys much of Edin with a kinetic blast that consumes everything in its wake in a massive ball of flame.

In light of his decision to burn his spaceport to the ground to prove a point, he declares that Lilith, Lucifer, Adamu and Eve will all face a dark future due to the repercussions of their actions. They all had to stand trial for what had happened.. Enki included. Among Enki’s decrees of prophesy that were “aloud” to manifest.. was that in time, Lilith and Lucifer would become known to the human race a vessels of wrath. That we humans would be taught a lie about who these people actually were and their role in our true history.


And it’s true.. the prophecies have been played out just as they were intended by the Anunaki High Council. We have grown up being taught that this mysterious Lilith woman is a Demon, and that Lucifer is the Devil. It’s now time for humanity to know the truth about the influences in our early development. At this point.. it’s imperative.

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