Creationists and Evolutionists Unite


As long as I can remember.. the answers to who we are as a species have always been dominated by two camps – The Evolutionists and the Creationists.

Each group has their answers readily available to anyone who chooses to observe them.. The Evolutionists say that we were evolved over time from a species of monkey. Sound reasoning, if you choose to ignore the missing pieces to the story.

The Creationist have a more instantaneous explanation.. incorporating human origins with the beginning of “everything” in existence. In my opinion, not quite as sound.. but it does hold some valid elements within the story line they ultimately present.

Well.. fortunately for both groups, when it all boils down.. they were both right!

The ancient texts of old utilized in Biblical references, were interpreted in a day when the higher sciences they describe were inconceivable.. some 2,000 years ago. Today, it has even been a bit of a challenge to get an accurate translation for interpretation. With tools such as the internet though, we do have a much broader access to information, making a comprehensive account much more available.

It will be the full story of the alien race known as the Anunaki, and how they created Man that unite these two opposing schools of thought. And, it will be MYTH: The Origin of Man – by Aaron Steiner that will bring this tale to the masses~

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