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Ninmah with her new creation~

Lady Ninmah with her newest creation~

The story of human beginnings is now available


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MYTH – The Origin of Man

by Aaron Steiner

Definition “Myth – A story about humans who interact with Godlike beings.

The story of MYTH is a novel that tells of human origins… the why, the how, and the when, based on actual historical documentation. 

As seen through the eyes of it’s leading characters, this visually stunning tale takes you through the details of events and situations that had arisen between the first humans and their extraterrestrial reptilian creators, the Anunaki.

Coming to ancient Earth from the planet Rizq within the star system of Sirius B to obtain gold and other natural resources, the Anunaki work to establish an outpost and spaceport here named Edin. In time, the outpost also becomes home to a massive enclosed natural habitat containing many varieties of off-world plant and animal life.

It is only when a disgruntled mining force rebels, that a decision to create an alternative workforce is made. After much experimentation, it is discovered that by mixing their own DNA with the native monkey-man, the Anunaki are able to gestate a small, half-mammal, half-reptilian worker named the Lulu.

The Lulu are an effective workforce until their lifespans run short, and recreating them is deemed tedious due to the fact that the creatures are incapable of reproducing on their own. So a decision is made to add DNA from the star system of Lyra to the equation… resulting in the Human race.

Removed from the human experiment early on, the first female – Lilith, had become drawn toward personally empowering herself while she ultimately becomes considered an equal among the Anunaki elite. Thus begins the tale of MYTH.

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